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Fresh ideas to make the
most of the season
• Find No-Sew Costume
• Healthy Casseroles
• Make Lovely Sugar
• Handmade Gifts to Make

No-Sew Costume





Lovely Sugar






Gifts to Make





Fresh ideas to make the most of the season

FALL 2017


3 Beyond the Book

Make super-cute no-sew costumes.

4 Sinfully Sweet

Bake tasty treats that everyone will love.

6 Add It Up

Put your fall flea market finds to use.

13 Say It with Turmeric

Cook up hearty dinner ideas with this spice.

23 You’ve Got the Power
How to harness your self-control.



7 In It for the Long Run

Make a table runner that will last all season.

8 Let’s Talk Turkey

Everything you need to know from prep to
leftovers, plus delicious side dishes.

11 Get Fresh with Casseroles

Fresh veggies and herbs lighten the menu.

18 Slice of Life

Home cooks share their favorite pies.


his kid-friendly tips
Children’s author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka shares
d new looks.
and tricks for giving ordinary pumpkins and gourds one-of-a-kin
by jarrett j krosoczka

photos by laura moss

Our story

My family—wife Gina, daughters Zoe and
Lucy—and I are big fans of Halloween.
We love decorating the house so much
that my neighbors have taken to calling
me the Clark Griswold of Halloween. But
here’s the story: While we put in effort,
we don’t have much free time to
transform the house for All Hallow’s Eve.
What family does? As an artist and a dad,
I’ve come up with a few simple steps to
make our place a destination for trick-ortreaters and, in the process, create some
outstanding memories for my family.

Finding gourds



10 Making Merry

Cooking and crafting for the holidays.

When I go to the pumpkin patch with my
family, I don’t just look for the perfect,
most orange pumpkin. I look for
pumpkins and gourds that already have
personality. I encourage my girls to look
at some of the oddly shaped gourds and
ask them what kind of character they see.
Is there a sad, scary, or happy face there?
Don’t choose the pumpkins, let the
pumpkins choose you!
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12 Wrapped and Done by
December 1

Turn gift wrapping into girls’ night in.
Make festive decor from the hardware store.

16 O Christmas Tree

Bake a forest of Christmas tree cookies.

17 Candy Cane

Stitch a classic red-and-white quilt.

19 Fast & Easy Presents

Personalize giving with handmade gifts.

20 Brunch Beauties

Try these slow cooker brunch recipes.

22 Sweet Somethings
Holiday projects to make.

a sugar pumpkin, is the
The creator of our story, shown left painting
including The Lunch Lady
author and illustrator of 24 children’s books,
gourds and pumpkins of
and the Platypus Police Squad series. He paints
all sizes in the weeks before Halloween.

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14 Right at Home


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