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ATTENTION! Every Parent, Every Student, Every Business Leader, Every Nebraskan … Stand Up for the University of Nebraska. BASED ON EXCERPTS FROM: ” “Howard Hawks: NU cuts not a recipe for economic growth Omaha World Herald January 14, 2018 The writer, of Omaha, is founder and chairman of Tenaska and a member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. cuts being proposed. A recent World-Herald article said higher education leaders “cringed” over new budget ka, I did a lot more than cringe. When I saw what the proposed state budget would do to the University of Nebras ate advocate for higher education and the young As a Nebraska native, businessman, entrepreneur and — most importantly — passion this as a call to action to any Nebraskan who cares people whose lives it transforms for the economic benefit of the state, I’m writing about the future of our state. its vital role as a driver of workforce and economic These cuts would fundamentally change the face of our university, to the point that ted. growth would be dramatically diminished. The trajectory we are on would be termina cutting-edge research and public-private That should cause any business leader who counts on our university for talent, partnership to sit up and pay attention. university brings to our state’s economy. Imagine what In my business career, I’ve seen time and again the value that a vibrant, growing produces every year. Imagine what would happen to our workforce would look like without the 11,000 skilled graduates the university earnings it brings. Ask yourself whether leading our tax base if fewer Nebraskans could access a university education and the higher ading research the university provides. companies would locate here without the pipeline of talent and breadth of world-le take one-third of the cuts. The university makes up 13 percent of state spending, yet it is being asked to Over the biennium, no other agency received a larger dollar cut than the university. state funding has grown 75 percent, compared Let’s be clear about what that means. Over the past 20-plus years, the university’s less already and the proposed budget would cut to 137 percent growth in overall state spending. The university is doing more with leave the university with two primary options : $30 million more in operational spending. Further reductions in state funding would academic program cuts and tuition increases. That’s not many levers to pull. the future, to make Nebraska the best place to live, I’ve also heard the call to grow our state, to build an economy that will power us into work and raise a family. We have done incredible work toward those goals — together. Buffett Cancer Center a reality, to entrepreneurial From the visionar y public and private investments that made the Fred & Pamela support for the university — like that for the new College success stories that started in a university classroom, to unprecedented private is an investment in Nebraska’s future — the most of Business building in Lincoln. The donors believe that an investment in young people proposed College of Engineering building. exciting examples of growing Nebraska are rooted in partnership. Don’t forget the Now, again, we all face a tremendous challenge. Nebraskans have supported their university through good economic times and bad. growth and a clear statement about our priorities. I’m asking every business leader in Nebraska to join me in calling for a plan for should be near the top of the list. Higher education, long a force for change and opportunity for our fellow citizens, education and higher earnings to join the call. I’m asking every parent and student who has benefited, or will benefit, from higher Will You Take a Stand? her know that you support Please call or email the governor and your state senator today and let him or the future of Nebraska. the University of Nebraska and that higher education should be a priority for WE HAVE HEARD THE CALL AND ARE TAKING A STAND FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF Dean & Gaylene Aden, Kearney Leslie Andersen, Omaha John P. Badami, Lincoln Dan & Beth Bahensky, Kearney Bank of Bennington, Bennington Mogens C. Bay, Omaha Buster Beckenhauer, Norfolk Richard R. Bell, Omaha Barry & Jennifer Benson, Fremont Ron Bielenberg, Kearney Black Dirt Land Sales, Omaha Ron & Pam Blessing, Kearney Dana Bradford, Omaha Butch & Margaret Brown, Kearney Eric Brown, Lincoln Ruth Brown, Lincoln Homer & Darla Buell, Bassett Ed Burns, Omaha Larry & Barbara Butler, Kearney Dawn Caldwell, Edgar Collin Caneva, Lincoln Bruce Carpenter, Omaha Bill Cintani, Lincoln George & Barb Cooksley, Anselmo Nick Cusick, Lincoln Bill & Laurie Dicke, Lincoln DLR Group, Omaha Mike Dunlap, Lincoln Dr. Kent Edwards, Kearney Steve England, Kearney Marty Fattig, Auburn Jason Fisher, Omaha Mike Flood, Norfolk Russ Freeman, Columbus Shari Freeman, Columbus Patricia G. Barron, Omaha Gallup, Inc., Omaha Rod & Jane Gangwish, Shelton W. Gary Gates, Omaha Douglas A. Gibson, Lincoln Jennafer M. Glaesemann, Beatrice Tony Goins, Lincoln Grand Island Area Chamber of Commerce, Grand Island Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Omaha Noah Greenwald, Lincoln Galen & Marilyn Hadley, Kearney Tom Hastings, Hastings Pat Haverty, Lincoln Chad & Melissa Henning, Kearney Mrs. Harvey Henning (Betty) Henning, Kearney Judy Henning, Kearney Tom Henning, Lincoln Tom & Mary Henning, Kearney Chris Hill, Omaha Jeff & Roxie Hinrichs, Kearney Tom & Linda Hoegemeyer, Lincoln Kelly Holthus, York Ben & Sara Homan, Kearney Steve & Jennifer Homan, Kearney Robert M. Huddleston, Kearney Andy Hunzeker, Lincoln Michael M. Hupp, Omaha Kirk & Trula Jamison, Lincoln Roger & Susan Jasnoch, Kearney Dr. Steve Joel, Lincoln Curtis A. Johnson, Omaha Joel & Jill Johnson, Kearney Dr. Kurt & Morgan Kapels, Columbus Brad Kernick, Kearney Gene & Connie Koepke, Kearney Paid for by the One Nebraska Coalition, P.O. Box 390884, Omaha, NE 68139. Dr. Stephanie Koraleski & Mr. Jack Koraleski, Omaha Jane Kotsiopulos, Kearney Martin Lane, Omaha Latino Center of the Midlands, Omaha LEO A DALY, Omaha Emiliano Lerda, Omaha Bill Lester, Lincoln Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Lisa Lunz, Wakefield Blake Martin, Omaha JoAnn Martin, Lincoln John & Megan Massey, Scottsbluff Sandy Massey, Scottsbluff Michael R. McCarthy, Omaha Dave McCue, Omaha Bill McMullen, Kearney Fred & Kay Meyer, St. Paul Sherry Morrow, Kearney Sarah Moylan, Omaha Angie Muhleisen, Lincoln Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Lincoln John Olsson, Lincoln Dan & Judy O’Neill, North Platte Tonn Ostergard, Lincoln Dave Pankonin, Louisville Roric Paulman, Sutherland John & Jodell Payne, Kearney Dirk Peterson, Norfolk Russ Peterson, Fremont Paige Pillen, Colorado Tom & Debbie Pillen, Columbus Sarah Steffen Pineda, Humboldt Rachel Placzek, Lincoln Nancy Pridal, Omaha Carl J. Purcell, Cook #NEforNU NEBR ASKA. Sarah Effken Purcell, Cook Jackie Purdy, Kearney Cella Quinn, Omaha Todd Reimers, Lincoln Darren & Jennifer Robinson, Kearney Keith & Jan Rodehorst, Kearney Bart Ruth, Rising City John & Sonia Sahling, Kearney John Sampson, Lincoln Robert M. Schafer, Beatrice Tom Schueth, Norfolk Vanessa Q. Schutte, Omaha Walter Scott, Jr., Omaha Steve Seline, Omaha John A. Selzer, Scottsbluff John L. Selzer, Scottsbluff Trent Sidders, Lincoln D. David Slosburg, Omaha Tom Smith, Lincoln Ben Steffen, Humboldt Dave & Sharron Stock, Ashland Al Svajgr, Cozad Tom & Mikki Tye, Kearney Craig & Terri Uden, Johnson Lake Dallas & Carolyn Wegner, Kearney Roger Wehrbein, Plattsmouth Ken West, Omaha Bob Whitehouse, Omaha Jay Wilkinson, Lincoln Dan Willets, Columbus Kathy Wittler, Elkhorn Jay & Susie Wolf, Albion Michael B. Yanney, Omaha Paul & Linda Younes, Kearney

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