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If April
showers bring
May flowers, what
do Mayflowers

“One of the greatest birds
I’ve ever had is called a
‘Turducken.’ A chicken
inside of a duck inside of a
turkey. That’s one that I love.
I’ve done it a couple times.”
— Food superstar Guy Fieri

Why did
the turkey
cross the road
To prove he
wasn’t chicken



Turkey tray
So, little bro wants to watch football in front of
the TV on Turkey Day? Help him out with this
fun-design turkey tray.
A tangram is a dissection
puzzle made from seven flat
shapes (called tans), which are put together without overlapping to form a new shape. Gobble,
What you’ll need
• Foam brush
• Acrylic craft paint in desired color
• Wooden tray
• Template
• Cardstock paper in a variety of colors
• Mod Podge Hard Coat
What to do
1. Brush on two layers of paint to the inside base
of the tray, allowing them to dry completely
between coats.
2. Print template (,
cut out, and trace onto a variety of colors of
cardstock. Cut out. Arrange the shapes on the
tray to make a turkey. Starting in the center and
working one piece at a time, apply a layer of Mod
Podge to the back of the shape. Smooth in place
on the tray with clean fingers. Repeat to complete
turkey. For a smooth finish, wipe away excess
Mod Podge with a damp paper towel.
3. Cover the entire surface of the tray with a layer
of Mod Podge. Let dry and add another coat, if
desired, according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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