New York Times Bestselling Author and Acclaimed Bullying Expert Jodee Blanco Joined Aquinas & St. Mary’s Catholic Schools in the Fight Against Bullying

“Just ignore them.”

This standard advice to a bullied child is on Jodee Blanco’s Top 3 Things Never to Say to a Bullied Child. Why did this comment make the list? This advice from a well-meaning adult, will most likely intensify the bullying behavior to elicit a reaction from the bullied child.

Survivor turned activist, Jodee Blanco, is the author of four books on bullying, including the New York Times bestseller Please Stop Laughing At Me. Jodee delivered a bullying survival and prevention seminar to the David City Community on September 6th at Aquinas Catholic Schools.

Earlier in the day, Jodee gave three different seminars to the Aquinas & St. Mary’s School. Before school, she shared an educator and staff workshop about dealing with bullying in the school. Aquinas & St. Mary’s Catholic School students were blessed to have Jodee address them during the school day. St. Mary’s Elementary Students learned the important distinction between “Tattling and Telling”. Aquinas Catholic Middle & High School Students experienced how bullying affected Jodee as a child. They also learned the important distinction between overt bullied student and the invisible student.

During this seminar, Jodee shared her personal struggle as the target of severe school bullying. During those formative years, there were things that her parents and teachers did that helped and some things that didn’t help. Jodee shared her Top 3 Things Never to Say to a Bullied Child.

What to do? There are 4 Steps that Jodee shared to help a bullied child.

1. Say, “I don’t know how you feel. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. It must be awful.” Then listen and don’t interrupt.

2. Say, “Let’s talk about an action that we can take together today to address this challenge you’re facing.”

3. Look for opportunities, maybe a town over, to participate in activities that interest your child.

4. Contact your child’s school counselor and calmly explain what’s been going on with your child. You might want to start out with something like, “My child’s been encountering some challenges with his classmates and I’d like to sit down and discuss possible solutions with you.”

Bullying isn’t just joking around, it can lead to life-long affects. As adults it is important to realize that what we said as children and what other children said to us, may be affecting us here and now. Jodee promised that there is hope and healing for adult survivors.

After the seminar, Jodee answered questions and signed copies of Please Stop Laughing At Me Journal and Bullied Kids Speak Out. She encouraged further contact by phone, she shared her cell phone number, or by email. You can lean more and contact Jodee through her website at Aquinas & St. Mary’s Catholic Schools continue to actively address bullying in ways that help children to treat each other as Christ has taught us, with kindness and respect.


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