These Butler County residents exhibited their work at the 2017 Nebraska State Fair 

Rainbow Recognition-Unique & Outstanding Award

Isaac Archuleta-Wood Bench

Garrett McKenzie-Invented Fishing Lure

Brittany Palik-Framed Family Exhibit

Kaitlyn Palik-Family Tree

Maggie Svec-Coffee Cake

Photography Special Selection-CASNR Display

Cole Martinez-Photo, Ferris Wheel at Night

Michael Andel

State Fair Static Exhibits 

Purple: Upholstered Chair.

Rebecca Andel

Red: Large Quilt .

Isaac Archuleta

Purple: Woodworking Bench.

Jason Bongers

Purple: Wildlife Habitat House, Home Environment Self Portrait.

Justin Bongers

Blue: Tasty Tidbits Biscuits.

Meghan Burwell

Blue: Sunburst Gourds

Sarah Burwell

Blue: Floriculture Rudbeckia.

Alexa Carter

Blue: Barn Quilt; Red: Heritage Family Genealogy.

Riley Carter

Red: Heritage Family Genealogy.

Isabella Christian

Blue: Wildlife Habitat House, Beyond the Needle-Color Wheel.

Joshua Christian

Red: Conservation Wildlife Knowledge Check.

Jonathan Duke

Purple: Forestry Cross Section; Red: Leaf Display.

Matthew Duke

Blue: Entomology, America String Art, Pot Holders, Food Preservation-1 Jar Pickled, 1 Jar Jelled.

Timothy Duke

Purple: Forestry-Cross Section; Red: Leaf Display.

Riley Hlavac

Purple: Creative Mixes, Unique Baked Product; Blue, Woodworking Coat Rack, Entomology, Special Garden Project.

Evan Hoelscher

White: Rocketry/Aerospace.

Dustin Jelinek

Purple: Recycled Exhibit.

Simon Kelly

Blue: Picnic Table/Bench, Intergenerational Quilt; Red: Dried Herbs, Rocketry/Aerospace .

Dylan Landwehr

Purple: Deer Lamp.

Cole Martinez

Purple: Photography Lighting Display.

Garrett McKenzie

Purple: Fish Harvesting Equipment.

Paige McKenzie

Purple: Recycled Exhibit, Foodworks Family Tradition; White: Large Animal Poster.

Macyn Moravec

Purple: Color Wheel, Recipe File , Food Preservation 1 Jar Fruit, Forestry Cross Section, Consumer Management Entrepreneurship, Ceramic Cookie Jar; Blue: Intergenerational Quilt, Steam 2 Top; Red: Steam 2 Skirt.

Wyatt Moravec

Purple: My Financial Future; Blue: Pencil-Barn; Red: Computer Exploration.

Mikayla Navrkal

Blue: Quilts of Valor.

Bailey Navrkal

Red: Quilts of Valor.

Brittany Palik

Purple: Heritage Framed Exhibit; Blue: Heirloom Treasures; Red: Activity with a Younger Child; Green: Home Environment Painted Picture.

Jordan Palik

White: Shooting Sports Aid or Accessory.

Kaitlyn Palik

Purple: Other Heritage Exhibit.

Blake Pierce

Purple: Health & Physical Development.

Taya Pinneo

Purple: Get Ready Station.

Becca Podolak

Purple: Wildlife Habitat House, Health & Physical Development, Healthy Baked Product.

William Podolak

Blue: Picnic Table; Red: Intergenerational Quilt, Rocketry/Aerospace.

Henry Renner

Purple: Forestry Leaf Display.

Kennen Robinson

Red: Tanned Hides/Taxidermy.

Parker Robinson

Purple: Computer Application.

Gavin Romshek

Blue: Horticulture-Roma Tomato, White Onion, Other Potato; Red: Red Tomato, Jalapeno, Slicing Cucumber.

Carly Schmid

Blue: Dinner Rolls.

Dakoda Schneider

Purple: Health & Physical Development, Bench, Forestry-Leaf Display.

Aubree Siffring

Red: Embellished Garment, Design Decisions Watercolor.

Joshua Spatz

Blue: Texas Longhorn Bench.

Brianne Steager

Blue: House Numbers.

Natalie Summers

Blue: Heritage-Framed Family Grouping; Red: Rocketry/Aerospace.

Maggie Svec

Purple: Coffee Cake, Special Pastry; Blue: Fashion Show-STEAM 2, Foodworks Cultural Food Exhibit.

Kristine Tejral

Red: Home Environment-Fall Tree.

Erin Timoney

Green: Home Environment-Deer Drawing.

Claire Wisnieski

Blue: Human Development Science; Red: Unlined Jacket; Shorts.

4-H Livestock Exhibits

Champion Intermediate Sheep Showmanship-Lydia Ockander

Reserve Champion-Suffolk Market Lamb-Lydia Ockander

Dulcie Archuleta

Purple: Poultry- Medium Ducks, Continental; Blue: Market Goats (2), Registered Yearling Does (2), Market Goat Showmanship; Poultry-Sr. Showmanship, Medium Duck, Feather Legged Cross; Red: Light Duck.

Isaac Archuleta

Purple: Sr. Poultry Showmanship, Continental, Market Goat; Blue: Poultry-Rose Comb Clean Legged, Continental, Other Breeds, Light Duck, Market Goat, Registered Yearling, Sr. Meat Goat Showmanship.

Kirsten Bell

Purple: Market Sheep Natural Color, Sr. Sheep Showmanship.

Paige McKenzie

Purple: Breeding Rabbits American Fuzzy Lop; Blue: Meat Goat (2), Meat Goat Showmanship.

Trae Meysenburg

Purple: Cross Bred Steer, Market Heifer.

Laurel Ockander

Blue: Market Sheep Cross Bred Lambs.

Lydia Ockander

Purple: Intermediate Sheep Showmanship; Purple: Suffolk Market Lamb.


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