The Christ's Kitchen grocery initiative is nearly 10 months old, and its organizers now know more about how it is being used, and the kind of ongoing funds it will need to continue.

That's why they are hosting a cookout on Sunday to raise funds and awareness of the program which helps to fight hunger for area families who may experience food shortages.

On Sunday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m. to 1 p. m., Knights of Columbus Tihen Council #1717 will serve grilled hot dogs at both Dale’s Food Pride and Didier’s Grocery in support of the program. A free will donation will go directly to fund Christ’s Kitchen food assistance at the two stores.

The reason for the fund raiser: The initiative has grown in use as a source of supplemental food assistance for members of the community, but financial support for the program has dropped recently. Christ’s Kitchen makes available up to $10 of grocery items such as rice, beans and canned vegetables to people in need.

To use the program, a customer may simply choose items from the designated Christ’s Kitchen shelf area at Dale’s or Didiers, and ask for the Christ’s Kitchen discount on those items at checkout. The cost of those items will be covered by funding for the program.

The designated products in the Christ’s Kitchen display are free to customers of Dale’s and Didier’s, and the cost of the food is underwritten by donations from area community organizations and individuals, and Knights of Columbus Tihen Council #1717.

The supplemental food assistance program started in November 2016, with the willing participation of the local grocery stores and initial funding provided by community donations and by the local K of C Council. Continued donations by the public and local organizations will support the initiative into the future.

However, over the summer, the Christ’s Kitchen saw growth in the number of discounts provided to customers, maybe in part because the local Backpack program is not an available source of assistance for some. At the same time, charitable contributions to the program have declined.

In the month of July, Christ Kitchen was used on 91 different occasions with the average family purchasing just under $10 of needed groceries each time.

Christ Kitchen supplies needed food to families of all faiths, no questions asked.

Future funding for Christ Kitchen is dependent on the generosity of the good people of David City. The initial funding provided by the Knights of Columbus along with many donations from people just like you have guaranteed food on the shelves for the first year, however the initial start up money will soon be exhausted and to keep food on the shelves of Christ Kitchen is now dependent on you.

Members of the community can also support the program by making a donation in any amount in the designated jar at Didier’s, or through a UPC card donation which would be added to your cash register total at Dale’s Food Pride. Please consider starting a habit of making a $1, $5 or $10 donation each time you visit one of the local stores.


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