At their Dec. 14 meeting in Lincoln, the League Association of Risk Management (LARM) Board members approved the implementation of the new Safety Grant program- “Lean on LARM”- that would provide $500 to each of their 166 member communities across the state for safety equipment.

“We know that cities and villages have tight budgets. This grant will help them purchase reflective vests, a defibrillator, or other items that will add to their available safety tools,” said Dave Bos, LARM Loss Control Manager.

In other business, LARM Board members said that LARM members, at their discretion, may decide to individually pay additional fees directly to the League of Nebraska Municipalities (LONM) that have previously been collected by LARM.

“An agreement was made in 2005 to pay LONM 2 percent of all premium income to provide LARM administrative work. LONM no longer provides that work and hasn’t since 2013 so this will allow LARM members, if they choose, to pay the 2 percent fee directly to LONM,” said Mike Nolan, LARM Executive Director.

Nolan pointed out that many LARM members are not LONM members and are still required by LONM to pay the 2 percent annual fee to LONM. The LARM members who are also LONM members pay LONM annual dues in addition to the 2 percent.

Using the City of St. Paul as an example, Nolan said, the City currently pays LONM annual membership dues of $4,108. According to the LONM website, LONM dues mainly pay for lobbying, training and legal information provided for LONM members. The City of St. Paul then pays an additional fee of $2,495.64 to LONM when they pay their insurance premium to LARM.

In 2018, the total amount of the 2 percent of premiums from all LARM members to LONM would exceed $173,000.

”The LARM Board has decided that there needs to be a new LONM sponsorship agreement with LARM where LARM pays LONM a flat annual fee for services LONM provides to LARM,” Nolan said, “The LARM Board believes the new sponsorship agreement with LONM is a fiduciary and ethical obligation that LARM has to LARM members.”

“The LARM Board’s decision on December 14 will not affect the excellent services or coverages that LARM provides its members,” said LARM Board Chair Gerald Solko. ”LARM will continue its partnership with LONM and our customer service will be business as usual. Our financial position, according to the most recent actuarial reports, is the best it has ever been in LARM’s history.”

LARM is a risk management pool founded in 1995 and is comprised with 166 government entities across Nebraska who have partnered together to provide a pool to self-insure its members. The members own LARM and make up the LARM Board that govern LARM operations.

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