The old garage between D and E streets on Fifth Street had served its purpose for decades. It was long the home of telephone company lineman trucks.

But time had taken its toll, and now the Butler County Senior Services needed a new home for its fleet of public transportation vehicles.

Last week the building came down in a heap, and soon, a new xxx stall garage will go up.

The Butler County Board of Supervisors worked through all the issues of building a larger building to house specially equipped vans that need a little more room.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation is funding 80 percent of the project, up to $200,000. Shelby Lumber Co. was awarded the bid to build the new garage for $177,000. Leo A Daly, the design firm for the Downtown Renovation Project, was hired to design the building.

Diana McDonald, manager of Butler County Senior Services, said the demolition of the old structure, and now its replacement, draw attention to the importance of the BCSS transportation program.

To put it simply, the program helps many people, especially senior citizens and those who have mobility challenges, to get where they need to go. Trips include going to the grocery store, going to the doctor or any other critical appointment.

“Our average boarding’s so far this year is 120 a week with 1100 miles,” McDonald said. “Our rates are $1.75 for a one way trip in David City and we have special rates for Columbus, Lincoln and Omaha.”

Handy bus services for years were perceived as only being there for elderly riders, but that is not the case.

“This is public transportation, so all ages are welcome. We also receive State and Federal funds for our public transportation program,”

Anyone who needs the services can pick up a brochure or call BCSS at 402-367-6131 if you would like us to mail out a brochure or for more details.

The new building may be completed by December.


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