New owner plans to expand Linwood gathering place

2012-12-11T18:35:00Z 2012-12-19T19:45:21Z New owner plans to expand Linwood gathering placeBy Shari Reisdorff and Jim Reisdorff/For The Banner-Press Columbus Telegram

The village of Linwood is a special place for Nick and Amber Cherny, even if the name of their new bar might suggest otherwise.

It's special enough that the Fremont couple passed on an opportunity to open a bar in that city to concentrate time and resources on keeping open the former Big Fella's bar in Linwood.

Now called "No Where Special," the Chernys took over operation of the tavern July 1 from former Big Fella's owner Mike Codr of Linwood.

They are hoping to complete a major expansion and improvement to the business by next spring.

"A friend approached me about this place," Cherny said. "We had been considering buying a place in Fremont, but the kid talked me into coming here."

As one of the few social gathering centers still available in this village of about 120 residents, Codr decided to sell the former Big Fella's for health reasons.

"My legs just wouldn't take it anymore," said Codr, who can still be found at No Where Special helping out as needed. "I've met a lot of neat people and made a lot of friends during the six years I had the bar," he added.

For Nick Cherny, a 1983 graduate of Fremont High School, Linwood represents an additional opportunity in bar tending. For the past seven years the Chernys have owned and operated "The Outer Limits," a bar and grill located just outside of Valley along old Highway 275.

The couple, who met at a Morse Bluffs bar where Amber worked, were married in 2007. They have a daughter, Macy, 4.

Cherny's past career has included doing factory work for 10 years, building airboats for 10 years, and working as a plumber for four years. Operating the Outer Limits was added to the resume to allow Amber to move up to bar management.

Cherny later managed The Outer Limits after Amber began working in the real estate business. However, she has resumed management of the Valley bar while Nick concentrates on building up their Linwood location.

Plans call for an 1,100 square foot building addition to allow for an expanded kitchen, new bathrooms and an outside beer garden.

There won't be any major remodeling done to the bar area itself. "We want to keep the character in it," Cherny said.

While the bar's mostly traditional drink and food menu will be continued, Cherny plans to carry-over a popular tradition from Big Fella's.

"Mike had his rib-eye steak business built up really well. We will continue that," Cherny said.

An average of 200 rib-eyes are sold weekly at the bar to a patronage that comes from many of the surrounding towns in Butler, Colfax and Dodge counties.

No Where Special has been approved by the Linwood village board to operate both keno and pickle cards after Jan. 1. Local voters approved a keno ordinance in November.

Cherny admits some Linwood locals have grumbled over the bar's new name.

"I thought it fit here real well," Cherny said. Name aside, customers continue to show the place is somewhere special by their patronage.

Between Cherny and five part-time employees, No Where Special stays open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Located at 310 Second Street in Linwood, the tavern's business phone is 402-666-9252.

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