In 1982 David City Seniors started a program in the back room of the First National Bank, called the Busy Wheels Program. A few years later it moved to the present location, 592 D Street, David City.

I sit here and think of all those wonderful people who volunteered their time to take people to their doctor appointments, get their groceries, do their banking, pay their utility bills and so forth.

In the time that I have been at the center, since 1989, I can remember “Whistling John Morbach” Oren Barlean (who always had a good joke), Tall Tall Paul Ehlers, the lady with the pleasant face Darlene Schrader, Emil Semrad who always had time to talk, and many more.

Surely, somewhere in David City or Butler County there is someone who has it in their heart to take time one day a week to drive people to their appointments and so forth. This program may have to stop due to lack of drivers.

The David City Seniors had a motto: “We need you! To operate, we must cooperate.”

Please help us keep the people going to their various destinations. For more information, please call the center at 402-367-6131.

Ruby Langhorst

David City


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