Ricketts issued a state budget line item veto that will severely cut funding that hospitals, nursing homes, and schools depend on for the developmentally disabled.

On May 17, Unicameral members pleaded with their colleagues to override the veto, including Senator Crawford who cited a recent survey that said more than 70 percent of Nebraskans opposed these cuts and pointed out the additional burden the cuts would cause to local law enforcement.

Senator Kolowski quoted Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Senator Blood said that any senator voting against the override could not possibly be pro-life, since doing so takes health care money away from those who desperately need it.

Many conservative senators supported the override. Senator Kolterman warned that constituents will ask their senators why they didn't vote to keep their hospitals and nursing homes open. Even Libertarian Senator Ebke urged compromise in voting for the override.

In a narrow 27-21 vote, the funding veto override failed. Senator Bostelman voted against the override and in support of cutting funds to schools, hospitals and nursing homes. His vote is a double cut since it also means the loss of federal matching funds. This drastic cut will lead to the closure of many medical facilities in our district, and place further burdens on public schools.

Bostelman is a freshman senator who clearly doesn't understand or care about what his constituents need, but instead follows whatever our wealthy hard-hearted governor wants. Please contact Bostelman to let him know what you think of his unchristian vote, and remember his actions in the voting booth next time.

Nancy Meyer

Cedar Bluffs


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