For years, David City wrestlers have become known for their willingness to outwork opponents, their sights set on the ultimate prize, a state championship.

But this season, the coaches have added a new twist to the team’s motivational tool box. The “pin chain” sparks a little extra incentive and excitement to a dual competition. Weighing nearly 20 pounds, the chain was made by students in the mechanical drafting class. In the 47-28 dual victory over Wilber-Clatonia, the chain bearing the DC logo made its way from one wrestler to the next.

All each wrestler had to do was get a pin, scoring the most possible points for their team. Wearing the chain this week: Seth Styskal (113 pounds), Jackson Valentine (132), Justin White (138), Dylan Vodicka (145), Matthew Eilers (220) and Jake Ingwersen (285).

Coach Tahner Thiem said he was proud of how his team bought into the pin chain.

“A pin is a grand slam for your team. The most you can score in a dual is a pin. The most bonus points you can get in a tournament is a pin,” he said. “People may think it is arrogant or gimmicky. But you see these guys, they want that pin chain. That thing represents (to a wrestler) ‘I am doing the most for my team.’ You see how guys are excited for each other. They want the next guy to get that pin chain.”

Thiem said some fans may have misunderstood the pin chain as something inappropriate. The Miami (Fla.) University football team has a “turnover chain” worn by each player who forces a turnover.

Thiem wrote a couple of pages to put the chain in perspective for anyone who was offended or misunderstood. He explained that some wrestlers aim for the technical fall as “more impressive” than a pin. However, by getting the pin, the wrestler is putting the team first because it gets the team more points.

He referred back to the 2014 Class C State Championship: “If Trevor Fozzard and Wyatt Phillips would have decided to collect technical falls on their way back through the consolation bracket, we would not have collected a State Championship in 2014.”

During the dual, Thiem saw how excited the teammates were about who was going to get a pin next, and one wrestler even apologized for getting a technical fall instead of a pin. Thiem urges fans to think of the chain as a team motivation, not a personal trophy.

“Next time you see the David City pin chain, don’t associate it with the Miami Hurricanes nor Ohio State Buckeyes. Associate the pin chain with a student-athlete that has chosen to put his team over the recognition of himself,” Thiem wrote.

As for the dual, the Scouts measured up well against the Wolverines, a good team, Thiem said.

“Where our best guys are at is where their best guys are,” Thiem said. “Against good wrestlers, you see where your team is at. We want to wrestle tough competition so that tomorrow when we go to practice we have something to work on.”

On Thursday, David City travels to Central City for a double duel with Schuyler and Columbus Lakeview.

December 7 at David City

David City 47 Wilber Clatonia 28

Match results:

106: Nathan Patak (WC) over Daulton Krause (DC) (Fall 2:53)

113: Seth Styskal (DC) over Conner Schmitt (WC) (Fall 5:44)

120: Zack Barlean (DC) over Tommy Lokken (WC) (Dec 3-2)

126: Noah Styskal (DC) over Riley Wehrer (WC) (TF 20-5 5:35)

132: Jacson Valentine (DC) over Drew Trautman (WC) (Fall 2:59)

138: Justin White (DC) over Tad Moldenhauer (WC) (Fall 1:57)

145: Dylan Vodicka (DC) over Bryan Odvody (WC) (Fall 3:00)

152: Cooper Bates (WC) over Zachery Blum (DC) (TF 21-6 6:00)

160: Spencer Thompson (WC) over Spencer Allen (DC) (TF 18-1 6:00)

170: Bradley Pomajzl (WC) over James Escamilla (DC) (Fall 1:13)

182: Adam Hochtritt (WC) over (DC) (Forfeit)

195: Wayne Moore (DC) over Tyler Hooper (WC) (TB-1 2-1)

220: Matthew Eilers (DC) over Oscar Gonzalez (WC) (Fall 0:34)

285: Jake Ingwersen (DC) over Eric Escobar (WC) (Fall 1:57)