The Aquinas softball team brought home a win in three games at the Ashland-Greenwood Round Robin on Saturday, but that win didn’t come easily.

“As a coach of high school athletics, there are good days and bad days. This was one of those ‘bad days,’” Aquinas coach Paul Gahan said. “The team did not seem ready to compete from the opening pitch. We struggled mightily with pitching and defense. On a positive note, we hit the ball hard two games and scored a bunch of runs.”

The Monarchs rallied from three runs down to defeat Ralston 11-8.

In the Ashland-Greenwood game, the Monarchs were down 11-1 before making it 11-10 with a big rally.

“We were one base hit away from taking a lead, but could not come up with a timely hit,” Gahan said. “All things considered we were fortunate to scratch out one win.”

Ashland-Greenwood Invitational

Sept. 9 at Ashland-Greenwood

Game 1



Offense: Vanessa Bohuslavsky 2/3 double, Jayci Roh 1/3 double, Valerie Bohuslavsky 1/2, Kelsey Baer 2/3 double, Sierra Meysenburg 1/3, Darian Krenk 3/3 triple, Bridget Sisco 2/3 double, Kaylee Miller 1/2 double

Winning Pitcher: Kelsey Baer 8 runs, 6 hits, 5 BB/4 HP, 3 K.

Game 2



Offense: Vanessa Bohuslavsky 3/4, Jayci Roh 1/4, Valerie Bohuslavsky 2/4, Kelsey Baer 1/4, Darian Krenk 1/3, Bridget Sisco 1/3 double, Jill Witter 1/3

Losing Ptcher: Kelsey Baer (Darian Krenk) 11 runs, 7 hits, 5 BB/3 HP, 2 K.

Game 3

Aquinas ................0


Offense: Valerie Bohuslavsky 1/2 double, Darian Krenk 1/1, Bridget Sisco 1/1.

Losing Pitcher: Kelsey Baer (Darian Krenk) 18 runs, 17 hits, 4 BB, 0 K.

Monarchs 2-0 at Uehling

The Aquinas softball team got the bats moving at the Logan View Triangular at Uehling on Sept. 7.

The Monarchs defeated Logan View 11-3 and Guardian Angels Central Catholic, 10-1.

“It was a good night for the Aquinas softball team,” Gahan said. “Offensively, we hit the ball hard both games and had good run production. Defensively, we were solid and made some great plays.

Pitcher Kelsey Baer gave up just 4 runs in two games. “Her change up pitch was working real well, and kept hitters off balance,” Gahan said.

Logan View/Scribner Snyder Invite

Sept. 7 at Uehling


Logan View...........3


Offense: Vanessa Bohuslavsky was 3-4 with (2 doubles), Jayci Roh 1-4, Valerie Bohuslavsky 2-3, Kelsey Baer 2-3, Sierra Meysenburg 3-4, Darian Krenk 1-3, Bridget Sisco 2-4 (2 doubles), Kaylee Miller 2-3.

WP: KelseyBaer gave up 3 runs, 5 hits, 2 bb, 7K.

Aquinas .......................10

Guardian Angels CC.....1


Jayci Roh 1-3, double, Valerie Bohuslavsky was 2-2, Kelsey Baer 1-1, Sierra Meysenburg 1-3, Darian Krenk 2-3, Bridget Sisco 1-3, Jill Witter 1-3, double.

WP: Kelsey Baer 1 run on three hits,. 1HP, 2BB. .

Twin River 1, Aquinas 0

The Monarchs fell to Twin River at Genoa on Aug. 31.

“We simply didn’t do enough at the plate to generate any runs. We only gave up one run and our defense got out of some difficult situations multiple times during the game,” Gahan said.

Vanessa Bohuslavsky and Darian Krenk were 1-3 at the plate. Jayci Roh was 2-4.

The Monarchs (6-9) hosted Lakeview on Tuesday and will compete in the David City Tournament on Saturday.


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