Completing its second year in Class C1, after a dominating stretch in Class C2, the Aquinas football team was knocked out of the playoffs by eventual finalist Norfolk Catholic, but they gave the Knights all they bargained for in a 21-17 loss on Nov. 3.

The Monarchs finished 8-2 with its other loss coming to semifinalist Wahoo on the last game of the regular season.

The past two seasons the Monarchs have fallen to an eventual state finalist by a total of 7 points.

The team showed it could respond in a tight game, winning a slugfest against Columbus Scotus with a late drive. The team had three shutouts, and its closest other margin of victory was the 50-27 defeat of Pierce.

Conference and District honors

Following the team’s strong season, it was no surprise to see a long list of individual honors.

All-Conference and All-District: Gavin Rech, QB; Kyle Petree FB; Tyler Vavrina SE; Anthonoy Buresh OL; Zach Chromy OL; Kyle Ruth DL; Nolan Maguire, HB. All but Chromy were seniors.

All Conference and All District Honorable Mention: Nate Uhrmacher OL; Miles Eggleston LB, Daniel Reiter LB; Michael Coufal LB; Trevor Siroky PK; Andy Lyons HB. Lyons and Eggleston were the two juniors in the category.

All District Honorable Mention: (three seniors) Sam Wisnieski, OL; Matt Nadrchal KR; Josh Roh LB.

Team Awards:

Most Valuable Players- Gavin Rech, Kyle Ruth, Kyle Petree. Most Improved Players- Tad Naiberk & Konner Adamy. Best Blockers- Kyle Ruth & Antony Buresh. Mr. Defense- Miles Eggleston. Black & Gold (team mates)- Trevor Siroky & Tyler Vavrina. Hustling Monarch- Trevor Siroky.

Coach's Comments

Aquinas coach Ron Mimick had much to say about a senior class that has been a part of the Monarchs’ winning tradition. The players were members of the 2015 Class C2 championship team.

Gavin Rech-A tough kid who made lots of plays for us with very few mistakes in a tough spot, quarterback.

Kyle Ruth-Quietly intense leader of the team who player bigger than his 220.

Kyle Petree- Tough kids who competed greatly who kept us loose with his humor and lead with his toughness.

Tyler Vavrina-Very unselfish player who was a great blocker and receiver who made us a lot better by playing well in an tam oriented way.

Trevor Siroky-Great team mate who placekicking was dependable and defense was consistent. Whose great effort was recognized by the team.

Nate Uhrmacher-Good lineman who missed three games due to injury but came back with a smile and good effort every day. At times when healthy a physical blocker.

Anthony Buresh-Anthony was a quiet hard worker who just kept improved until the last practice. Quiet and intense player who will be hard to replace.

Nolan Maguire- Nolan made himself a good football player by becoming a good worker who was able to play multiple spots on both offense and defense. Another young man who was improving until the last day of practice.

Daniel Reiter- Daniel was a returning starter who really improved during the games with consistent and physical tough play for a tall slender guy.

Michael Coufal- Michael caught fire and really played well in two different positons for us on defense. He ending up our leading tackler on the season. His consistency in just showing up with good effort for four years paid off in becoming a full time defensive player for us.

Sam Wisnieski- A good offensive lineman who gave good effort daily. Very consistent guy who we depending on week in and out and never had to worry about in any way

Josh Roh- Josh had the tough break of reinjuring his knee in the 8th game. Josh showed courage and mental toughness in coming back to play at a good level that was improving every game until the injury.

Matt Nadrchal- Matt got everything he could out of his physical talent and size. A good kick returner/running-back who played multiple spots on defense who was a spark for us in nearly every game.

Calbe Brezina- A young man who’s body and ability caught up with his four years of good consistent effort which allowed him to play half of the time on offense for us this year. A great example of working and patience that paid off in quality playing time.

Jake Kadlec- Jake was limited by his lack of size and a recurring shoulder dislocation. Jake non the less was a great coverage guy on kickoff and punt while rotating in at linebacker throughout the season. He is a tough kid who battled well.

Josh Pandorf- Another great example hard work and patience that paid off with lots of playing time at tight end. Josh got a lot out of his talent by just consistently working hard to improve himself.

Brandon Timoney- A great team mate who consistently helped the team with his attitude and sacrifice as a scout team player who relished any playing time he got.


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