Alfred Angelo Bridal, which has about five dozen locations across the country, including one in Lincoln, abruptly closed all of its stores Thursday night.

Ted Kirk, Lincoln Journal Star

LINCOLN — Cara Freeburg found out Thursday night via Facebook that her October wedding might be facing some complications.

Freeburg and her bridesmaids all got their dresses from Alfred Angelo Bridal, a national chain with a Lincoln location at 4848 Normal Blvd.

Alfred Angelo closed all its stores Thursday night without warning, and reportedly plans to file for bankruptcy.

That threw Freeburg and thousands of other brides across the country into limbo.

Luckily for her, she ordered her dress last fall and already has it. Three of her bridesmaids have their dresses in hand and a fourth expects to have hers sent to her.

But two bridesmaids who live out-of-state may be out of luck.

Freeburg said she might have to change color schemes and may wind up paying for dresses for the other two bridesmaids.

"I'm super irritated about it," the Lincoln woman said.

Irritation seemed to be the theme as brides across the country found out Thursday night that they might have to find other dresses on short notice.

In Lincoln, some brides apparently started showing up at the store Thursday night after hearing the news. Lincoln police said they had to dispatch three officers to the store about 7:30 p.m. to deal with a report of angry brides making threats against the store.

LPD said it did not make any arrests.

Other brides took out their frustration on social media.

Several posted that they were told by store employees that ordered items that had arrived at the store would be sent to people via FedEx.

However, it's not clear what will happen to ordered items that had not yet been delivered to the store.

Megan McDonough said she was in the store last week and was told they were no longer taking orders. She said store employees asked if she wanted to pick up her bridal dress, but she told them she would wait until she got back from a trip.

Thursday night, she found out via text from one of her bridesmaids that the store has closed.

McDonough said she was told her dress has been shipped to her.

"I hope it's the correct one with all the accessories," McDonough said in an email. "I'm also worried about my bridesmaids. One has a dress and the others don't. I hope they get refunded. All were paid for."

Other retailers were stepping up to help.

David's Bridal, which has a Lincoln store at Gateway Mall, posted on its Facebook page Friday morning that it would offer "special discounts" on bride and bridesmaids dresses to anyone with an Alfred Angelo receipt.

Just a block away from Alfred Angelo's shop, Cause for Paws thrift shop was trying to get the word out Friday that it has more than 100 wedding gowns for sale.

Sue Sturgis, president of Cause for Paws, said the dresses were donated by Ellynne Bridal. She said they're all new, heavily discounted and are "absolutely gorgeous."


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