COLUMBUS — Bob Irby wants to be a builder for the individuals, small business owners and families who sit down in his investment planning office to visit about their financial futures.

“A key part of what we do is sit down with somebody and establish a rapport,” said the longtime Columbus financial adviser who recently opened Pathfinder Wealth Advisors at the corner of 33rd Avenue and 31st Street.

“It’s an interview where we can share (a client’s) financial information and goals for the long-term future,” said Irby, who uses the session to define opportunities and overall goals to maximize that individual's savings and manage their assets.

The Pathfinder office, which also includes administrative assistant Megan McHugh, was welcomed to the community Thursday by the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Commodores. Irby has been an investment adviser and broker in the community for 13 years.

“We had a great turnout, 15 or 16 Commodores and six of eight financial advisers from our other offices in Papillion and Nebraska City,” said Irby.

The bulk of the local Pathfinder Wealth office’s work is done guiding clients through the complexities of building wealth for retirement. Irby’s client-centered approach targets a framework for retirement and investments that will evolve over the years.

The financial adviser said asset protection planning becomes more important to investors as the years go by and retirement nears.

“People may be more aggressive when they’re younger and many become more conservative as they get older," he said.

A retirement plan's aim is always to find the right mix of investments that are customized to the client’s individual needs, Irby said.

Pathfinder Wealth Advisors offices work in partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network, a leading independent broker/dealer. The network provides access to a team of investment, insurance and risk management specialists.

“They provide an expertise that we can rely on for support,” Irby said. “It’s another tool in providing the best possible service.”

Irby has another plan for providing his new office’s best service.

In addition to being open 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, the financial adviser will be taking appointments after-hours during the weekdays and Saturdays for customers’ convenience.

“I recognize that people’s schedules are so tight for many of us today and after work is the only time some can get in,” Irby said. “I can make the time available.”