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Don't put ketchup on a hot dog — and other regional food oddities

Different U.S. regions are quite particular when it comes to their food. Whether it’s the color of their clam chowder or what goes into BBQ… Read more

So long, free Footlongs: Subway to shake up rewards program

NEW YORK (AP) — Subway is shaking up its loyalty rewards program, giving customers the ability to earn $2 discounts instead of free Footlongs. Read more

These stuffed tomatoes are a nice update to old pepper ones

Does your meatless Monday game need an overhaul? Read more

Soup swap party

A party that supplies you with fully prepared dinners for busy weeknights to come? Sign us up! Hosting a soup swap is a genius way to spend time with friends and fill your freezer. Plus, there’s big payoff for minimal effort: Each guest makes only one batch but leaves with four meals. It’s a total win-win! Here’s how to plan the ultimate swap, with four crowd-pleasing — and kid-friendly — soups to bring to the soiree. Read more

County approves road projects


COLUMBUS -- More projects than typical are slated to be undertaken by the Platte County Highway Dep… Read more



A comfortable new mattress for pain-free sleeping

It's time to upgrade your mattress and sleep better this winter.


Introducing a safer bathing solution for Columbus residents with limited mobility

Walk-in tubs help reduce the risk of slipping, while adding luxury and comfort to your bathing routine. 


No matter how many dazzling things we have the good fortune to eat in our lives, we often remember the simplest meals with as much power and affection as the fanciest. A humble, pureed vegetable soup is among those particular pleasures. Also, Proustian prose aside, if you're feeling lazy, you can get from a few ingredients to deliciousness in no time. Read more

Steamed mussels are a perfect choice for a weeknight meal

Mussels are the perfect choice for a weeknight meal. They're a terrific source of low-fat protein, they're inexpensive, they cook up quickly, and as they cook, they automatically generate tasty juices to whichever sauce you're making. Also, farmed mussels are pretty easy to clean. You just toss them briefly in several changes of fresh water and pull off any strings (also known as "beards") hanging from the hinge of the shell. Finally, bonus, if you buy farmed mussels — the most common variety available at stores today — you'll have chosen a sustainable seafood. Here I've dressed the mussels in green for St. Patrick's Day with a garnish of chopped scallions and cilantro. Read more

Feathers fly as chicken shortage shuts KFCs across Britain

LONDON (AP) — Fast-food fans were in a flutter Monday after most of the 900 KFC outlets in the U.K. and Ireland were forced to close because of a shortage of chicken. Read more

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From whiskey to champagne: Every U.S. president's favorite drink

From stronger spirits to lighter cocktails, champagne and even just water, each president had his favorite adult beverage while in office. … Read more

In celebration of National Pizza Day, a look at the pizza capitals of America

From politics to environmental issues, controversy runs rampant. But one thing remains beloved by (almost) everyone: pizza. So in honor of … Read more

10 ridiculous Nutella gifs to celebrate World Nutella Day

Feb. 5 is World Nutella Day. So if you're looking for a way to celebrate other than eating an entire jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread, chec… Read more

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keurig Green Mountain will become a single company with annual sales of about $11 billion

NEW YORK (AP) — Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keurig Green Mountain will become a single company with annual sales of about $11 billion. Read more

Tide Pod doughnuts are irreverent response to harmful trend

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (AP) — Bakers are responding to the dangerous "Tide Pod challenge" with sweet and savory irreverence. Read more

Chicken Mole

Yield: 6 servings Read more