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This couple blew their friends and family away with this surprising gender reveal

Dramatic gender reveals have become the trend du jour when couples are expecting a new baby. There are all kinds of cute ways to let friends and family know whether a baby girl or baby boy will be joining the family. Some people plan huge parties for the occasion, replete with Read more

This Is What United Is Doing To Keep Dogs Safe After A Puppy Died In Flight

My dog is a full-fledged member of the family. She travels with us, goes out to restaurants with us, and even attends friends’ parties with us. For me and many others, learning about the puppy who died on a United flight earlier this week was heart-wrenching and unimaginable. On Monday, Read more

Family Tracks Down A Wedding Dress That’s Been Missing For 30 Years

A wedding dress is a very special—and meaningful—piece of clothing. Brides take a lot of time and care picking out what they’ll wear the day their marriage begins, and wedding dresses often get passed down through generations. When Ame Bartlebaugh was set to get married, she was excited to wear Read more

The Creator Of ‘This Is Us’ Made A Movie—have The Tissues Handy

If you secretly love sobbing along with each and every episode of “This Is Us,” you need to see this film. The creator of “This Is Us,” Dan Fogelman, has taken his ability to make the entire world cry to the world of cinema. He’s written and directed a movie called Read more


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You Will Soon Be Able To Drink Cold Brew-infused Red Wine

If it seems like we’re all a little coffee-obsessed nowadays, that’s probably because we are. After cooking with it and putting it in your ice cream cones, you might think there’s nothing else to do with everyone’s favorite morning—eh, who are we kidding, all day—beverage. But, my caffeine-loving friends, you are wrong—and let’s Read more

10 Pieces Of Furniture That Have Clever Hidden Storage Features

Whether you’re short on space, trying to hide your household clutter or just looking to make the most of your furniture, it’s awesome to find pieces for your home that do double duty. Here are 10 furniture pieces that creatively and fashionably combine multiple functions through their hidden features. 1. A Read more

Women Embrace Their Fuller Faces In ‘Chubby Cheek Gang’ Tweets

No matter who you are, you likely have some insecurities. You also know how great it is when you realize other strong, beautiful women share that same insecurity as you. For anyone who may have felt insecure about having a fuller face, which comes from having big, round cheeks, this social Read more