Severe winter storms can leave you unable to leave your house, and without power, water, and heat. These 4 must have items will help you prepare for a winter snow storm before it comes your way.

1) Food and Water

Don’t get stuck on a last-minute grocery trip, scouring shelves as snow starts falling. Stock your home with non-perishable foods that don’t require electricity to prepare. You’ll also want to have water on hand—about one gallon per person, per day—in case there’s an issue with your pipes during the storm.

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2) Emergency Flashlight Radio

If the winter storm knocks out your power, you could be without a cell phone or internet. Keep this crank powered emergency radio on hand. Not only will you be able to get weather updates—you can also charge your phone with the USB drive, and use the built-in flashlight to find your way around.

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3) First Aid Kit and Medications

You should keep a first aid kit at home year-round, but that’s never more important than during a snowy winter. You should also keep a 7 day supply of any medications on hand, in case you’re unable to drive to the pharmacy.

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4) Emergency Blankets

If you lose heat during the winter storm, it could be several days before a profession can come out. Emergency blankets coupled with your standard sheets and blankets should help you stay warm throughout the storm.

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