“Santa Clause is coming to town!!!”

Now that “the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful,” this time of year is perfect for snuggling up with the kids, sipping yummy hot coco, and reading great holiday books.

And because the Columbus Public Library knows that you want to “have yourself a merry little Christmas,” we are featuring a number of wonderful, holiday children’s books guaranteed to bring “joy to the world!”

One of the books that I enjoy reading while “rocking around the Christmas tree” is Douglas Wood’s “What Santa Can’t Do.” In this festive tale, children of all ages discover some interesting tidbits of information about “Jolly Old St. Nickolas.”

For example, did you know that though Santa “can find every house, in every town, in every county,” there are times that he can’t find his own slippers? And I’ll bet you did not know that the real reason why Santa does not use a fast aircraft like the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 to deliver all those toys is because he doesn’t want to hurt his reindeers’ feelings. 

I am sure most people understand why Santa can’t shave his white signature beard or trade in his red suit for floral print T-shirts and Bermuda shorts (because no one would be able to recognize him).

But did you know that Santa can’t do his best toy making without elves or “can’t chuckle, or giggle, or snicker”…he can only “Ho! Ho! Ho!”? Well, I did not either until I read this insightful book, highlighting all these fascinating Santa characteristics. 

As you can tell, Wood’s “What Santa Can’t Do” would make a great read for little ones. It is charming and funny and is full of quality illustrated pictures that are sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. This books would also make a great stocking stuffer for those who are “home for the holidays.” 

Other books sure to make this a “Christmas to remember” are “A Very Marley Christmas” by John Grogan, “How Santa Got His Job” by Stephen Krensky, “Dinosaur’s Night Before Christmas” by Jim Harris, “Are You Grumpy, Santa” by Gregg Spiridellis, “Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus” by Chris Plehal, “I Spy Christmas” by Jean Marzollo, “How Santa Really Works” by Alan Snow, and “A Piñata in a Pine Tree” by Pat Mora” and “Cop’s Night Before Christmas” by Michael Harrison.

So if your family is looking for great books to celebrate the Christmas holiday, “Deck the Halls” of your home and then visit the Columbus Public Library. We have a number of awesome books that are sure to bring life to your “silent night!”

If you have any questions, regarding the books featured in this article or would like other great book recommendations, give me a call at (402) 564-7116 option 4.

And from all of us at the Columbus Public Library to all of you…“we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!”…“Feliz Navidad!!!”

Brad Hruska is the children’s librarian at the Columbus Public Library.