COLUMBUS - The 2012 Elections will involve several boundary changes for political subdivisions in Platte County and across the state.

"This redistricting process takes place every 10 years, after the census," said Platte County Election Commissioner Diane Olmer. "The population numbers used for this year's redistricting are from the 2010 Census."

Olmer said Nebraska law defines the rules and requirements of the redistricting or redrawing of district boundary lines for sub-divisions as necessary in order to maintain "substantial population equality between the districts."

The impact of the changes for those considering a run for office could include the need to file in a different district than before.

Supervisors Jerry Micek, District 2; Ron Pfeifer, District 4 and Joe Tooley, District 6 are up for re-election in 2012.

Olmer said filings for 2012 elective offices began Dec. 1. Filings for incumbents runs through 5 p.m. through Feb. 15 and 5 p.m. March 1, 2012 for non-incumbents.

For Platte County's registered voters, the change may require a change to a new polling location in the upcoming 2012 elections.

The local subdivisions involved include congressional and legislative districts, Platte County supervisor districts, City of Columbus wards, Educational Service Unit 7 (ESU7) districts and natural resource districts.

Residents who wish to know which, if any of the changes will affect them should contact Platte County Election Commissioner Diane Olmer.

Olmer said updated supervisor, Columbus ward and voting precinct maps are available at her office located on the third of the Platte County Courthouse at 2614 14th St.

The maps also are available to download with this story posted on our website at

For more information on the changes or to file for office call Platte County Election Commissioner Diane Olmer at 402-563-4908.

"It's important, and we ask Platte County registered voters to please take the time to be informed," Olmer said.


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