Blankets to provide comfort during difficult times

2013-05-02T08:00:00Z Blankets to provide comfort during difficult timesBy Tyler Ellyson / Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — Students at Shell Creek Elementary School are bringing comfort to children in abusive situations.

The school’s sixth-grade class finished the last of 50 fleece tie blankets Tuesday that will be donated to the Center for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivors.

The blankets, which will be given to children who are sheltered at the center, were created through the “Gotcha Covered” project, an effort led by students Mattie Purcell, Makenna Klug, Jessica Sand, Madison Schwarz, Kelli Schoch, Britney Stock, Gracie Borer and Emily Van Cleave.

After learning about the inaugural Youth Philanthropy Contest from Purcell’s mother, the girls came up with the idea of making the blankets for the Center for Survivors and submitted the project in the contest, which was sponsored by the Columbus Area Philanthropy Council and Columbus Area Community Foundation Fund.

The goal, they said, was to do a “good deed” and take on a task that benefits the community.

The group, self-named “Tied Together,” visited the Center for Survivors and learned many of the families who seek assistance there arrive with few possessions.

“We thought a blanket would be nice to give to them to have warmth at night,” Klug said.

The contest organizers agreed and selected the group’s project as one of eight that received $1,000 in grant money to implement.

They used the funding to purchase fabric and scissors and began assembling the blankets. The girls created 28 on their own and enlisted their classmates to help finish the remaining 22 this week.

The blankets, which feature an array of designs from “Rapunzel” and camouflage to John Deere and butterflies, will soon be delivered to the Center for Survivors.

Hope Freshour, executive director of Center for Survivors, said the blankets will provide children with a little more comfort during a difficult situation.

“It’s a wonderful program that they are doing for us,” she said.

The Shell Creek group plans to enter the Youth Philanthropy Contest if it’s held next year, focusing on a new project and beneficiary.

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