City men get cooking with Boss N Sidekicks Barbecue Co.

A couple of buddies cooking together is turning into a meaty growing business.
2010-01-10T00:00:00Z City men get cooking with Boss N Sidekicks Barbecue Co.By Patrick Murphy Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — A couple of buddies cooking together is turning into a meaty growing business.

Mike Drinnin and Rick Chochon officially started Boss N Sidekicks Barbecue Co. Nov. 30, although they have been cooking together for a few years.

“A buddy of mine taught me how to smoke brisket about 12 years ago,” Drinnin said, “and Rick and I cooked together, and the families got started. We started doing more (cooking), and everybody liked it.”

The business also includes Mike’s wife, Beth, and Rick’s, wife, Tracie.

The more they cooked — doing graduations and family gatherings — the more word spread about these budding chefs, and the cooking duo decided they needed to make it official.

Drinnin constructed a building on his property, they purchased a freezer and a double rotisserie cooker, applied for a catering license and were in business.

It takes 12 hours to smoke the meat, using select hickory wood, which allows for a rich flavor and keeping the natural juices in the meat to enhance the taste. Drinnin said beef brisket is their specialty, but they also have smoked chicken and smoked pork.

Whole, chopped or sliced brisket is available. There is spicy chicken, stuffed with cream cheese, onion and jalapeño or mild chicken without jalapeño. The smoked stuffed pork features cream cheese, onion and wrapped bacon.

Over time they have developed their own style of cooking and their own spices.

“Through backyard trial and error we developed a way to do it,” Drinnin said.

The name of the business drew a chuckle from Drinnin. There is no one boss or sidekick; the roles alternate.

“One day I’ll be the boss, the next day he’ll be the boss. We’re just a couple of partners,” he said.

While operating the new business, the two maintain their full-time jobs. Drinnin owns the family business, Drinnin Feed Lots, 493 E. 53rd St., and Chochon is branch president of Pinnacle Bank.

They developed a Web site,, where orders can be placed or customers can call 564-2009 or (402) 910-0017.

Orders can be picked up or they can use Fed Ex to ship orders. If shipped, orders must be delivered during the business week because the food is perishable, so orders are sent out Monday-Wednesday. Orders are vacuum sealed and packed in dry ice.

They already have shipped orders from Nebraska, Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, California and Montana.

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