COLUMBUS — Emalee Ernst gave the bottle of sprinkles several good shakes.

With her tongue poking out from the corner of her mouth, she made sure every bit of the frosted side of the cookie was covered in green.

When satisfied with the job she had done, she passed the treat to classmate Israel Kibalya, who arranged it on a tray with more than a dozen other cookies that had already been decorated.

They were working at a table of five Thursday with other second-graders at West Park Elementary School.

Like Christmas elves, they all had jobs to do while getting the oatmeal and snickerdoodle cookies decorated with frosting and sprinkles.

The students from Crystal Halvorsen’s and Sandi Seckel’s classrooms jazzed up 640 store-bought cookies to sell to other students and staff members at the school. Proceeds will be used to purchase gifts through the Holiday Spirit Co-op.

The project has become an annual tradition for the second-grade class. This year, they are “adopting” four children through the Co-op, a local effort each Christmas that provides gifts for families in need.

Some of the students will take the cookie sale money with them on a shopping trip to buy items such as winter coats, hats, boots, gloves and diapers for the children the class adopted. The gifts are distributed later by organizers of the Holiday Spirit Co-op.



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