COLUMBUS -- Properties in industrial areas in the county’s jurisdiction will be reviewed as requested by the city of Columbus.

The Platte County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday during its regular meeting to review 13 properties to determine if they meet state requirements for industrial use. The properties are located within three tracts and have either been vacant for seven years or the current owner is not utilizing the land for industrial purposes according to state statutes.

Properties can be looked at every other year but the last time it was done was in 2010, City Administrator Tara Vasicek told the board.

She said a basic survey was done of all industrial tracts to see if properties in each still met state statutes or not. It was determined 13 parcels did not.

Those properties are in tracts located just northwest of Platte County Agricultural Park, another between Howard Boulevard/U.S. Highway 81 and 26th Street from 53rd to 55th avenues and a third south of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks near Third Avenue. The tracts are within the city’s zoning jurisdiction and adjacent to the city limits.

Properties removed from the tracts and annexed by the city would add to the city’s property tax base.

“I really think it is a matter of being fair to all property owners. If there’s one business in here and there’s a similar business that operates and they are located in the city, they do pay city taxes,” Vasicek said.

Of the properties, eight are owned by individuals, three by limited liability companies, one by Westside Ind. Corp. and another by Sapp Bros., although it’s not the truck stop.

The county’s review is scheduled for March 20, with a public hearing to follow at a later date to determine the designation.

Vasicek said it is likely that industrial tracts will continue to be looked at as state law allows.

“But if we clean up what we believe needs to be cleaned up now, then I don’t know if there will anything in two years. But I think we should look at every two years,” she said.

In other news, the board approved putting up roadblocks on a portion of 83rd Street and Lakeview Lane for the annual Viking Venture 10K/5K run/walk and fun run/walk. The event will take place from 9 a.m.-noon April 28 at the Lakeview High School track. Funds raised goes toward providing scholarships for students and other educational activities at Lakeview Community Schools. The sixth annual event is sponsored by the Lakeview Education Foundation.



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