Activity work required of Lakeview staff

2012-07-25T08:45:00Z Activity work required of Lakeview staffBy Tyler Ellyson Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — Certified staff at Lakeview Community Schools will be required to work at school activities in exchange for free admission passes.

The district’s board of education revised a policy last week that gives administration the authority to assign each certified staff member to work at up to two activities per year.

For their time, they will be given a free activities pass. Those staff members who volunteer at a third event will also get a pass for their spouse.

The same guidelines for free passes apply to non-certified staff members, except they aren’t required to assist at any events.

Of the 143 spots that needed to be filled during the 2011-12 school year, 82 were worked by certified staff, 30 by non-certified staff and 31 by patrons or staff spouses, according to Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Jake Shadley.

Shadley said the process for finding workers for extracurricular activities and athletic events would continue to be voluntary, unless the district can’t find enough people to help.

“I don’t foresee it being a huge deal to the majority of the teachers,” he said.

The school board reduced the number of activities it can require certified staff members to work from three to two after receiving negative feedback from teachers.

Board members contended the new requirement is necessary so district residents can get to know teachers outside the classroom.

“The patrons want to see who is working here,” said Chairman Keith Runge.

Board member Mary Ann Schreiber said two events per year “is not unreasonable to ask.”

“We need to start thinking as one district,” she said, “instead of just my building.”

By comparison, Columbus Public Schools, a much larger school district, gives all its staff members a free activity pass.

District employees who voluntarily work the events are paid for their time.

The Lakeview policy awards free guest passes to current school board members and administrators and their families, senior citizens living in or owning property in the district, unpaid officials who frequently volunteer at athletic events and athletic booster club officers and their spouses.

Non-certified employees who coach in one season also receive a free pass, as well as the spouses of employees who coach in more than one season.

Lifetime passes are given to retired employees who served 20 or more years in the district and former school board members who served at least two terms.

The school board can also award lifetime passes to individuals who make a significant contribution to the district.

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