COLUMBUS-- Today, high school students need all the encouragement they can get. More often than not, underclassmen take the opportunity to ask graduating seniors for advice on everything from classes, to homework and even life.

That is what Lakeview High School senior Morgan Bignell has spent her high school career doing: Being a beacon of light for others.

The daughter of Keith and Robin Bignell was not only on the honor roll all four years, but she was also on the Lakeview Student Council where she serves as president in her senior year. Bignell also offered her vocal expertise to the Viking Voices Show Choir through the duration of her career.

Bignell can also be seen tutoring middle school students on the tougher subjects in school. She said the biggest subject she helps out with is math.

This, however, is not the only way she can offer guidance to her peers.

“I like to think high school people get distracted with other things in their lives,” Bignell said. “I don’t want the younger kids to be disappointed with who they look up to. I want to be someone they know is a good person that they can rely on and look up to. A good role model.”

This fervor for being that sign of encouragement is what earned Bignell the Columbus Sertoma Club Student of the Month for February.

As far as her future, Bignell knows exactly what she wants to do.

“I plan on going to the College of Hair Design in Lincoln,” she said. “I did a lot of research on different schools in Nebraska for cosmetology and found that was the most difficult and intense. After I graduate I want to come back to Columbus and own my own shop. I think that’ll give me the chance to enjoy something I do every day.”

In the meantime, Bignell has just a few months left to be a role model her fellow peers can look up to. For them, she has a few words of wisdom.

“I know there is a lot of pressure that can be felt by teachers, parents and other people,” Bignell said. “You may not understand it now, but you will. You’ll get what the whole point of them pushing you forward is all about. But the thing to remember is to give everything you have to everything you do. Get it done with all your effort.”