The Columbus family YMCA will host its third Science Saturday event  "Crazy Colors" from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

Science Saturday is for kids ages kindergarten through the fifth grade.

The goal is to introduce kids to science in a fun way.

“We disguise it (science) as a being a really fun playtime activity and not so much sit in class and be lectured to.” said Austin Klingenberg, the YMCA's youth program and camp director.

The best way to teach kids is to be active in the learning and make it fun for them, he said.

The YMCA offers many sports activities, so he wanted to make sure there are activities for kids who are not interested in sports.

Some kids are put off by science because science at school can be hard and frustrating, he said.

“If they only had experiences with science in school, students might associate science with, 'This is too hard for me or I’m not good at it.'” He said

The YMCA can show kids different ways to excel at math or science ,Klingenberg said.

A student can face a social stigma of being seen as a nerd they like math or science, he said.

Saturday's event is all about color.

“We are going to be using a lot of prisms to shoot the light out and show everyone the different colors in light.” Klingenberg said.

Kids will also create an art project and make their own kaleidoscopes. They also will make luminare  reactions --  otherwise known as Glow Sticks.

Preparing for Science Saturday, the two hours appears to be a long time, he said, but the time “flies at a million miles per hour,” he said.

The next science Saturday will be in May, he said. The YMCA is considering a summer event, depending on whether it conflicts with popular summer camps.

“The goal is to have a different theme every single time too so that way if the kids love it they can keep coming back and they won’t just be doing the same thing.” Klingenberg said.

Klingenberg said he and the youth department staff will be running the activities on Saturday. He gets his activities from his personal experiences and his science degree from University of Nebraska Lincoln. He collaborates with friends who are teachers and others who have science experience.

Families can pre-register their kids for Science Saturday at the YMCA.

Cost is $10 a student for members and $15 a student for non-members


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