I have a confession: I am an Internet geek, particularly one website, Pinterest.

A few of you may be fellow Pinners and understand why I go on this site several times a week; others may have heard of it but not be quite sure about it. Many more of you may have no idea what it is or why I would want to be on it.

Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) is a website that allows you to organize (pin) and share all the great things you find on the Internet. I describe it as a virtual bulletin board where you can pin images and websites that inspire you.

People use their themed “pin boards” to organize recipes, silly cartoons, fashion or home decorating ideas. In my home office I have a bulletin board that covers one wall of the room where I have recipes, photos of possible project ideas, paint samples and more.

The organizer in me loves the fact that I can group ideas or websites by topic or theme — such as “ideas to use at work,” “vintage images or ideas,” “images and words to inspire or entertain” — and when I need some inspiration or an idea I can just click on that “board.” Many people who use the Internet bookmark sites they use frequently; with Pinterest, you can bookmark them all on one site for easy finding later.

Pinterest is also a social networking site (think Twitter or Facebook). Users, who have to be invited by another Pinterest member, can repin items from other boards to their own and “like” or comment on things others have pinned.

You can also share pins on other social networks such as Facebook or create group boards where selected people can add items to the same board such as a bride and groom planning a wedding.

Like Twitter, with Pinterest you gain “followers” who will watch what you pin and repin, not because they personally know you, but because of the cool stuff you pin.

I do admit that it is a quick ego boost when someone chooses to follow one or even all your boards. I now follow Soleil Moon Fry (a.k.a ’80’s TV show Punky Brewster), not because I actually know her nor am I celeb stalker, but she “pins” really neat ideas such as Sharpie-decorated Easter eggs that I might decide to make for our Easter table.

I know several people who have printed out photos of products such as furniture or clothing from the site and taken them when they go shopping to give them a physical reminder of what styles they like. It’s much easier to present a sales person with a photo than just saying “I would like a black and white printed chair.”

My family does reap some benefits of my love of “pinning.”

Recently, I found an idea for making birds’ nests out of old books to use as a spring mantle decoration. For Christmas I made candle holders from another idea found on someone’s pin board, which I gave as gifts to my sisters. I try to make one recipe a week, which I have on my “food & drink ideas” section.

This weekend Jennifer Schwank of Columbus mentioned that their whole Sunday supper came from recipes collected on Pinterest, and it was all “yummy”. After all, if a project or recipe doesn’t work, you can just delete it from your board.    

If you would like help getting started on this wonderful website or need help, please feel free to stop down to the Columbus Art Gallery, and I’ll be happy to give you assistance with it. I’m always happy to “pin” or share new ideas.

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Lisa Rosendahl is the gallery manager of the Columbus Art Gallery.