COLUMBUS — The Columbus hazardous materials team was called to a local residence Tuesday afternoon after the property owner reported an unknown substance leaking from a container in the house’s basement.

According to Columbus Fire Chief Dean Hefti, the substance was reported around 2:30 p.m. and the hazmat team mobilized about an hour later after devising a plan to address the situation at 2421 10th St.

Hefti said four members of the hazmat team suited up and two entered the house to take a look at the container and determine how it could be removed.

The 5-gallon bucket was placed in a second container with absorbent and removed from the house. Testing showed the liquid was a mixture of pesticide and diesel fuel, Hefti said.

The fire chief said the bucket had been in the house’s basement for decades.

The hazmat team spent about six hours addressing the situation and members of the Columbus Fire and Police departments and a Nebraska State Patrol hazardous incident team also assisted at the scene.