We hope your holiday week has been an exciting one.

Do we have any patient, loving dog trainers out there? Petey will need just that person.

Petey is a sweet, neutered, male pit bull mix, weighing 41 pounds, with a white coat and large gray spot on his eye and several other places on his body. When you approach his kennel, he will jump up on the door, but tell him "down" and he will immediately stand on all fours or sit.

Housekeeping is not Petey's thing. He needs to be taught that he does his daily duties outdoors. On a positive note, Petey does not bark at every moving object. If his friend in the kennel next door barks, Petey may also bark, but tell him "no bark" and he stops. He seems to be easily trained.

Just remember he is a sweet dog and needs a loving master to take care of him.

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