Problems arise with daughter’s new laptop

2012-04-07T23:30:00Z Problems arise with daughter’s new laptopCarla Kaufman Columbus Telegram
April 07, 2012 11:30 pm  • 

The Florida shooting is still the big headline. Guess they did take the shooter to the police station as they keep showing the grainy video over and over. My suggestion is to get Horatio Cane and his CSI team from Miami to take over. They could not only enhance the video, but have the whole thing solved in less than an hour.

Daughter has become the proud owner of a laptop computer. She brought it over to see if we could get it on my Wi-Fi so she could check out Facebook. That was the first problem. It involved a call to my tech support. Most of the time, of the three of us, she was the only one who had any idea of what we were talking about.

Her name was Tammy. She was kind and patient and at one point I informed her that whatever they were paying her was not nearly enough. She totally agreed. Finally put the phone on speaker, and both of us were talking to her. She couldn't tell us apart and kept asking, “Is this mom or daughter?” Am quite sure in her mind she had us labeled, Dumb and Dumbest, and I'm not sure which one of us was which. Thanks to her perseverance we finally got that done.

Neither of us knew scat about the Windows 7 screen, and that caused quite a dilemma. My idea was to install an exterior mouse because I wasn't having any luck with the built in one. Well, that never happened. The one page of instructions that came with the computer suggested that one should go to the “Help” button and bring up User’s Manual. Sounded reasonable. The fact that no User’s Manual was listed presented a rather large problem. After a couple of hours, I gave up and told her she was on her own. That's the kind of mother I am.

What had been planned for my day was to see if I could print some pictures taken from my trusty camcorder. Had finally remembered to buy some photo paper and was ready to try it out.

However after two hours of frustration with a computer I didn't understand, was not about to try a new program on mine. That project is on hold for the present. If it goes as expected, it will be “column material.”

Went on a shopping spree awhile back and purchased a dozen new balls for KD. What a dilemma that created. How in the world can you pick a favorite ball with that many to choose from? Finally figured out her system. Each time we go outside a new ball is taken. Then she takes it to the north side to the bare damp dirt and rubs it in there. Eventually, the filthiest ball is going to be the favorite. Which was the reason the new balls were purchased.

Have a happy Easter.

Ponderism: There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

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