Upon return, welcome from pets was mixed

2013-02-17T00:30:00Z Upon return, welcome from pets was mixedBy Carla Kaufman Special to The Telegram Columbus Telegram
February 17, 2013 12:30 am  • 

How the pets fared during my absence is today's story. If they could communicate, this account might vary greatly from my version. However, they can't so, this is their story and I'm sticking to it!

Daughter took KD home to her apartment, which she already shares with a cat. She made daily trips to my place to take care of That Cat. Seemed he got friendlier every time she came. For the last few days she found a lady to keep him. She reported that he spent the whole time under her bed. Didn't surprise me; that's where he spent most of his time here.

KD was taken to the hospital to see me while I was still out of it. Guess they thought she might help bring me back. I have absolutely no recollection of her being there. Her second trip I was really looking forward to — until she totally ignored me. Could this be pay back? She also made a visit to the nursing home where she treated me like a casual acquaintance.

Told daughter to take her to my apartment on the day I was coming home so she could be there to greet me. Upon my entrance, she raced right past me and started jumping up and down on daughter. The little traitor! Apparently whoever gives her food and water, lets her share their bed and plays ball with her is her new BFF and to hell with all the ones who have gone before.

That Cat was an entirely different story. Considered changing his name to Shadow or Velcro. I did not make a move without him right beside me, purring and carrying on like a normal cat. At night in bed he was right in my face with purrs and rubs.

This made me pretty nervous as he is such a biter. I did not need cat tooth marks on my nose or in my cheek. I finally managed to relax as he seemed quite sincere. This lasted all of two days.

Day three he bit me in the arm hard enough to draw blood. Popped him on the head, pushed him out of bed and figured we were back to where we started. He really is a lot friendlier than he used to be, but I keep on my guard!

I think I need to make an explanation about political remarks. A friend pointed out to me that she was one of the Republicans I was always ridiculing. I'm sure that many of you readers are too. And I have no problem with any of you. I save my ridicule for the big guns, the Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, etc. The billionaires who are trying to buy our nation and remake it in their image.

Latest news is that the Pope is resigning because he feels he is too old to do a good job. Oh, that some of our Congress people could have that epiphany!

Was amused in the hearing of Chuck Hagel when Sen. McCain wanted a “yes or no” answer. Tried to remember when he ever gave that as an answer, and I don't believe he ever did. He needs to get over the fact that he didn't get to be president and realize that Obama didn’t do him in. Sarah Palin did!

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