The Y is a place for everyone. I grew up in the 1980s. As hard as that is to realize how old I am, growing up in those times was a blessing. My parents both worked, but we had breakfast and supper together almost every night. We went to church weekly. My parents taught me and my sister the value of working hard and that doing what was right was the best choice to make no matter what the circumstance was.

One of my favorite TV shows while growing up was Cheers. For those of you too young to remember, Cheers was the local establishment that a group of regulars frequented, almost was their home, and that bar was their safe place, their comfort zone. If you remember the theme song, sing with me, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!”

While times have changed and I’ve grown older. I’m now the parent with children. I firmly believe every one of us longs for that place safe place, that second home we can go to and have everyone know my name. That is what the Columbus Family YMCA aims to be.

Each of us has a different, unique reason for belonging to the YMCA. For most it’s exercise and health. We have a core group of regulars who without fail are here daily, some even multiple times a day, exercising their muscles, working to lose weight, tone up and to improve their physical fitness.

For others, the Y is their social outlet. Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent and the only chance you get to see others and socialize is in the group exercise class or in the pool when you are doing laps with other members. For kids, we provide safe and fun activities to keep them off the couch and off the electronic devices.

Even still, the Y is a spiritual place. That place of calm and impact which when they were a child and attended summer camp, they learned about God and who He was and how He impacted their life. Simpler yet, but still important, we have members who come to the Y to shut out the rest of the world and get time alone seeking that inner peace that only God provides.

Whoever you are and for whatever reason you come to the Y, we welcome you. Our society continues to ramp up the pace and the volume. The Y will continue to fight to remain that constant, every present anchor in our community that provides life and health to all who belong.

While you most likely won’t see Norm or Sam at our Y, I do hope you will feel the same warm welcome they always received when they walked into the place “where everybody knows your name.”


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