To the editor:

The Nebraska Rod and Custom Tour Nebraska rolled through Columbus on Sunday, June 4, at 8 a.m. with ease thanks to all the help from the Columbus Police Department and Civil Defense workers. A great showing for Columbus — we are extremely appreciative of the support and Columbus should be proud of their efforts to help guests. This is the spirit that is rural Nebraska.

While we have many logistics to cover, we found that the six stoplights which would have delayed our tour were not considered at the last minute. One of our members contacted your police department just a week ahead of time and they found a way to make it work. We also appreciate the work of the media in getting word out on our arrival time and route. There was a fantastic greeting from residents and one of our tour members from Columbus even had his own fan club there with signs.

Our tour contained 480 vehicles with participants from all surrounding states, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and even Michigan. Nebraska has left a wonderful impression on these guests. It is hard to define the good life in Nebraska, but you sure know it when you see.

Gary Hedman


Nebraska Rod and Custom Association

To the editor:

As a member of the Nebraska Rod and Custom Association (NRCA), I’d like to thank The Columbus Telegram for the nice article published in the June 2 issue. That article was instrumental in getting the word out to Columbus residents about the tour coming their way on Sunday.

The common interest that binds our members together is our love of classic cars and special interest vehicles. Once a year we get together to share this common interest with Tour Nebraska, during which we travel 600 miles on the first weekend in June. It is best described as a “rolling car show." As car enthusiasts we enjoy all aspects of owning these special vehicles, but during the tour we get to do what we enjoy most, driving them.

Each year we travel through many different communities during the tour. In some communities there is little interest, in others, it seems the whole town comes out to watch the show. When the route is lined with people who are waving, smiling, taking videos and obviously enjoying the rolling show, it makes our trek through the state a truly enjoyable one.

That is what we found on our route through Columbus on Sunday. For all those who came out and lined the route through Columbus on Sunday morning, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the show!

Also, many thanks to the Columbus Police Department, Platte County Sheriff's Office and Civil Defense for manning the intersections to make our route as safe and interruption free as possible.

Steve Schnieders