‘Advocates' group urges yes vote on middle school

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September 11, 2011 2:45 am

To the Editor:

This letter is to show support for the building of a new middle school. Our group, "Advocates for Columbus Middle School," is made up of middle school parents, grandparents, educators, school board members and representatives of area businesses. We are working to provide information so the public understands the need for the new middle school and will go to the polls as informed voters when the bond election is held Oct. 11.

We believe all Columbus area kids deserve an equal opportunity to learn and grow in a modern and positive learning environment. Today's curriculum requirements and programming needs are much different from when CMS was built as Kramer High School in 1924. As any teacher or middle school parent can attest, the growth in CMS programs, both planned and mandated, has exceeded the existing building space.

The new facility will accommodate fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders, in a "houses within a house" concept, with each grade almost completely separated. The design will provide for enhanced security, with visitors entering the lobby area and registering before gaining access to other parts of the building. There will also be safer traffic flow on site, not on the road, with drop-off and pick-up lanes near the building.

While the current building has been well-maintained, there is simply no more room for expansion of learning space or to update the building with new technology. Some of the teachers have no classroom space, and must push their educational materials on a cart, traveling from place to place, which is extremely inefficient. In addition, replicating technology offered to elementary and high school students would be difficult, expensive, and in some cases, impossible to implement in our current middle school facility.

The Advocates for Columbus Middle School respectfully ask the community to go to the polls on Oct. 11 and invest in our kids. Please vote yes for CMS.

Mickie Senften Thorpe, Cristal Menke, Angie Kruse, Michelle Cruise, Toby Goc, Anne Hughes, Annie Sokol, Heidi Loop, Doug Rieger, Beth Boesch

Advocates for Columbus Middle School, Executive Committee

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