To the Editor:

The importance of clean, safe, water.

Please read this message for it is important to your health!

All rural households should have their water tested regularly, for toxins from the abundant use of herbicides, pesticides and commercial fertilizers that continue to contaminate our water sources. Pure water is necessary to sustain life.

It is well past time that we the citizens of Nebraska should be standing up for our rights for the protection of this important commodity. Big corporations continue to promote these products that can and are ruining our water.

And now Trans Canada is promoting the Keystone XL Pipeline which, if built, would carry 840,000 barrels of tar sand oil each day, posing yet another major risk. You ask “What is tar sand oil?” It is bitumen crude oil that has to be mixed with numerous dangerous chemicals that would readily poison our water supplies (rivers, creeks, the Ogallala Aquifer) if a spill were to occur. These chemicals include arsenic, tar, methane, benzene, mercury and yet TransCanada has refused to even disclose the precise formula.

You may be thinking “Well Keystone 1 has caused no problems.” But are you remembering it did in fact experience 14 leaks in its first year of operation? None in our area, but this pipeline is underground for many years to come (possibly 50 or more). Is a major leak in our future? Who knows??

How many of you would like to live on rain water? These past few years have indicated rains could be few and far between. As irrigated acres increase, the underground table decreases and this is happening rapidly in our state.

Did you know even rain water can become polluted if the atmosphere is full of toxins? The livelihood of many in our United States has been blessed with good water. Even the electric power plants use water to make steam to power turbines to generators. Hydro power plants also make electricity by use of good water.

If we want to sustain our way of life for ourselves and future generations, we must act NOW to keep our water and atmosphere free of poisonous materials and toxins. Please think about this when you drink a nice clean glass of water today!

Max L. Nelson



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