To the Editor:

It is Wednesday night 6 p.m. I just got done watching the news and am so mad I could explode. The budget battle, the government shutdown. All this over ObamaCare, the new government run health care law.

The house passed a budget and sent it to the Senate that does not fund ObamaCare. The Senate (Democrats) will not pass the budget unless it funds ObamaCare. What is in ObamaCare that is so important?

After all Obama has delayed many provisions for a year. How he can do this I do not know! All these people are acting like a bunch of 5-year-olds, not people we elected to represent us.

ObamaCare government run health care. When this somehow became law, Nancy Pelosi made the remark “We have to pass this bill to find out what is in it.” Makes me wonder how many of our fine congress men and women even read it before they voted on it! Remember it was over 1,200 pages long.

I thought when Obama took office he said no new taxes for the middle class, yet ObamaCare has a host of new taxes.

If ObamaCare is about health care, why is it run by the IRS, not health care professionals?? When will this administration quit lying to us? Look at some scandals: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservative groups, government spying. Yet it all gets swept under the rug. Where does it end?

Next it will be to raise the debt limit. I thought Obama said he is reducing the national debt at a record pace? If so, why does he need to raise the debt ceiling? We are up to our ears in debt.

Tax and spend, that is all these idiots know. Look what they did to Social Security. Now the president and the Democrats are resorting to name calling. How childish and the news media is right there as their blow horn. I hope the Republicans stick to their guns on this.

Joe Boruch


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