To the Editor

Regarding the March 28 story about Judy Lloyd killing her dog, I have some questions. Judy Lloyd said the dog was aggressive and attacking children. That dog didn’t get mean by itself. Dogs that are abused get mean. If the dog had a history of attacking children, why didn’t the city cite her for harboring a dangerous animal and make her get liability insurance and make her have a big “Dangerous Dog” sign on her front door, or take the dog away from her? The dog was 15-20 pounds. That’s not much bigger than my cat.

Judy Lloyd said she found that the dog was unchained. How do we know she didn’t forget to chain it up or make sure he was securely chained? If that was the case, it wasn’t the dog’s fault. Judy Lloyd said she became unhinged and didn’t remember all her actions. Sounds like a psychiatric problem to me. How many other blackouts has she had?

Judy Lloyd said she didn’t know what else to do. Why didn’t she take the dog to a vet or Humane Society to have it humanely put to sleep? She chose the barbaric way to put it down herself.

Judy Lloyd had run the dog over multiple times with her car. Was the dog still alive the first time it was run over and did she stop to watch it writhing in pain for a while before running it over the second time and so on? Or did she kill it the first time and kept on running it over and over again for the overkill?

Why wasn’t she given a stipulation to never be able to have another pet again?

And why did Judy Lloyd get only 30 days, no fine, just 30 days in jail for those atrocious acts? Where is the justice?

Sharon Bures, Columbus


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