Denying licenses not a good idea

To the Editor:

I wonder what our legislators and governor are thinking when they oppose drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants who came here as children. These young men and women grew up here and consider themselves members of our state and community. They have been educated here; some have degrees in law and medicine. They are legally authorized to hold jobs but cannot even drive to work! Even if they served in the military, they cannot legally drive in our state. That’s a shame.

Do we, the rest of Nebraskans, benefit? The results are only negative: brain drain, less safe highways, and stifled economic development. We are the only state in the Union that has such an unnecessary, hurtful law.

A carefully defined bill in the Legislature, LB 623, would remedy this injustice. It is widely supported by such organizations as Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Dairy, Nebraska Retail Association, Nebraska Safety Council, insurance groups, educators, churches, and many other responsible civic organizations. Gov. Ricketts and many of the senators declared opposition to this measure while campaigning to get in office. Now, we need to contact our state senators and Gov. Ricketts, and let them know that it’s OK to change their minds and do the right thing.

Virgil Tworek-Hofstetter, Columbus


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