“And to think that in some countries these dogs are eaten." -- Buck Laughlin from "Best in Show"

It’s starting to be the holiday season again and families tend to spend more time inside. One activity that people spend time doing as a family is watching TV. This week I wanted to do something different and give my top-10 TV show pets. Although there are great cartoon pets such as, Scooby, Brian, Astro and Snoopy, I am going to stay with real animals.

10. Buck from "Married with Children." If you were like me you would watch this show with a grain of salt, and in later years a shot of whisky. The show was slapstick with crude jokes. But Buck was the smartest of this group of halfwits.

9. Salem from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Sticking with the cheese factor, we go onto this show. Yes, Salem was a warlock turned into a cat, but he sometimes had the best lines. You have to wonder how many people named their black cats Salem after this cat.

8. Mr. Ed. Sticking with the talking pets, why not move onto the most famous talking horse. Mr. Ed was more of a method actor than anything, but he really could upstage his human co-stars.

7. Lassie. Sure she isn’t a talking dog, but everyone seemed to understand everything she barked. Lassie sure showed why dogs are man’s best friend since she always saved the day.

6. Arnold from "Green Acres." Trying to show that pigs are just as smart as dogs, we have Arnold. He could play the piano as well as change channels on the TV.

5. Marcel from "Friends." Granted his run on "Friends" was a short one, but he was Ross’ coping mechanism for losing his wife. Then he got to go act in the movies.

4. Comet from "Full House." Comet had his share of ups and downs on the show, but he was always a loyal pet to the Tanners. Now with "Fuller House" the distant ancestor of Comet gets to live on.

3. Ben from "Gentle Ben." A short-lived series in the 1960s, Ben was the pet anyone would want as a protector since he was a 7-foot bear. The show did star a young Clint Howard.

2. Petey from "Our Gang." Back when pit bulls were not known as scary dogs, Petey ran around with those Little Rascals. The dog had a black circle encompassing his eye. He was just one of the gang.

1. Paul Anka from "Gilmore Girls." In a show filled with so many pop culture references, one can only laugh when Lorelai names her dog Paul Anka. Although the dog had no lines, that did not stop him from fitting in well with the case. This dog had his own hang-ups and flaws, but was lovable all the same.

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