Members of the Schuyler High School Class of 1967 gather for a photo during a 50th reunion celebration held the weekend of Sept. 15-16.

Courtesy photo

The Schuyler High School Class of 1967 held their 50th class reunion Sept. 15 at Dean Vavricek’s farm shop.

Grilled hamburgers and brats were enjoyed along with a potluck supper brought in by the 30 class members. Joe Cockson’s music from the 1960s and vintage cars provided entertainment.

Those attending that event were Mary Jo (Kramer) Rutt, LaVaine (Cech) Novak, Mary (Cerny) Preister, Luann (Hladky) Vavricek, Ruby (Vavricek) Pierce, Mary Lou (Kracl) Jedlicka, Beverly (Albert) Parde, Tom Havelka, Charles Heavican, Larry Steinberger, Pam (Kasparke) Warnock, Joyce (Maca) Charlesworth, Monica (Pokorny) Snow, Janet (Cantlon) Mira, Jim Finley, Dean Vavricek, John Davidson, John Neesen, Geoffrey Berglund, Robert Dunker, Allan Jedlicka, Patricia (McNamara) Vojtech, Suzanne (Miller) Faltys, Harlan Waak, Mary Ann (Waak) Cudly, Glen Cudly, Lumir Jedlicka, George Heavican, Jon Salak and Mary (Scanlan) Peschel.

The 50th class reunion weekend concluded Sept. 16 with a gathering at Schuyler Golf Club and a catered meal. Trivia led by Suzi (Miller) Faltys was enjoyed by the 37 members present. Roger and Sheryl Barry were special guests.

Class members attending that event were Jim Finley, Charles Heavican, Allan Jedlicka, Larry Steinberger, Mary (Cerny) Preister, Mary Jo (Kramer) Rutt, LaVaine (Cech) Novak, Ruby (Vavricek) Pierce, Mary Lou (Kracl) Jedlicka, Suzanne (Miller) Faltys, Luann (Hladky) Vavricek, Marlene (Kment) Hartman, Janet (Cantlon) Mira, Pam (Kasparek) Warnock, Monica (Pokorny) Snow, Joyce (Maca) Charlesworth, Patricia (McNamara) Vojtech, Mary (Scanlan) Peschel, Janet (Spulak) Loontjer, George Heavican, Allen Ernst, John Neesen, Dean Vavricek, Don Marking, Mary (Waak) Cudly, Dale Grotelueschen, Glen Cudly, Lumir Jedlicka, Steve Wilch, Tom Havelka, John DeRiso, John Davidson, Jon Salak, Harlan Waak, Mike Pollard, Beverly (Albert) Parde and Robert Dunker.

Thirty-eight class members were able to attend at least one of the gatherings. Ten members are deceased. They include Kenneth Cuda, Suzanne (Fertig) Barker, Vicki (Hron) Kingston, Frank Kovar, Larry Kracl, Chris Marohn, Betty (McNally) Grotelueschen, John Riley, Duane Roucka and Sandy (Schindler) Friesen.


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