There is something new for the younger generation to discover at Schuyler Public Library. We just added Playaway Launchpads for youngsters to use in house. These are perfect for small fingers and for youth who want to play games just like the older kids.

The Playaway Launchpads are secure tablets designed for children. They are preloaded with high-quality learning apps and durable enough to move from the hands of one little explorer to the next. They are 100 percent secure with no risk of exposure to unintended content. They are fun and educational. Playaway preloaded products are currently circulated in over 40,000 schools, libraries and military installations worldwide.

We are beginning our collection with 10 devices with a variety of fun activities. Topics range from interactive storybooks and games that bring together the English and Spanish languages to Dinorific, which contains puzzles and more prehistoric activities. Do Re Mi provides a fun introduction to musical instruments and an exploration of sounds. Dr Seuss Favorites: Volume 3 provides interactive digital book apps with highlighted narration and tappable text.

Our 10 tablets each contain at least 10 apps. They can be used in the library and adult supervision is required. We expect these to be great to occupy youngsters while mom and dad use a computer, read a magazine or peruse the newspapers. Each Launchpad will provide plenty of entertaining activities and at the same time will be teaching literacy and language skills.

Stop in with your kids or grandchildren to see how much fun they can have with these devices while learning new skills and being exposed to art, music and vocabulary.

While you are visiting and enjoying the new Launchpads, make sure you get a library card if you don’t already have one.

It is National Library Card Sign-Up Month and we hope that everyone finds out how great it is to have a library card in your wallet or purse. Besides borrowing books from the library, you can borrow movies, character cake pans, magazines and audiobooks. You are also able to use your library card number to download e-books, audio books and digital magazines to your own tablet or phone. You can also search the Chilton database for help with automobile problems and use the Nebraskaccess database for consumer legal information, genealogy resources and videos on health and wellness.

We also have special in-house displays for National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Stop in and take advantage of these resources. We’re here for you.


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