New digs

A new 16,000-square-foot parking lot opened last week at Schuyler Central High School.

Liz Morales, Lee Enterprises

Schuyler Central High School has a new parking lot where portable classrooms once sat.

The parking lot was created following the completion of an expansion that added six classrooms and a music room to the school, eliminating the need for the temporary structures outside the main building.

Jeff Keating, a project manager with Columbus-based Bierman Contracting, said the new lot provides much-needed space for parking and student drop-offs and pick-ups.

“The lot is 16,000 square feet and a lot of it is drive-through,” Keating said. “There is going to be enough space for 25 parking stalls, but much of the lot is the exit. That’s where most of the space is. There will be enough room for a two-way pick-up lane where two cars can be side by side in between the parking area. This will allow people to enter from the north and exit through the south.”

Schuyler Community Schools Superintendent Dan Hoesing said the parking lot will not be used by students.

“Students will still park in the west lot where there is security for them,” Hoesing said. “This new area will be for adults, visitors and so on.”

Hoesing added that the lot will open more space for parking along Adam Street.

SCHS Principal Stephen Grammer explained the need for the additional parking lot.

“It’s really going to help us with our traffic flow,” Grammer said. “With the curb being right there, it just kind of made traffic stop in the middle of the road. The new lot will get traffic off the street and go to a flow-through. People will be able to enter on the north and exit off to the side.”

The lot opened last week, but more work is planned for the spring.

“We will be having some landscaping done when the weather gets better. Erin Trotter will be taking care of that," Grammer said, referencing the SCHS greenhouse manager. "She always does a great job with landscaping.”


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