The Schuyler Central High School speech team held a showcase for team members' families Monday night to show off the team's hard work and progress this season.

Four coaches and volunteer judges offered guidance during performances  in the school’s new addition. The showcase simulated the competition the students will face at the District B-4 speech competition on Monday, March 12 at Lakeview. 

SCHS English teacher Melanie Gustafson started the evening by introducing each member of the team. 

“We’ve had an active team this year and the kids have all worked so hard,” Gustafson said. “Most of them have written their own pieces and several of our students have medaled in competitions several times.”

Eighteen students will compete at districts, an event that is open to the public. Seating is limited since competition is held in classrooms. Once the door closes for a performance, admission is not allowed.

Performances ranged from the humorous to more serious topics of society. Such was the extemporaneous speaking event written by Jessica Soresen on private versus congressional gun control. Soresen produced a riveting challenge to the gun control issues that have recently surfaced.

Junior Kasey Brabec performed a piece of a lighter note called, ‘Gotta Get Brad Back’. The performance followed the story of two boys, Andy and Brad, who were at one time best friends. Time and growth eventually took their toll on the friendship, leaving Andy to wonder how to amend this situation: and ultimately get Brad back.

A harrowing encounter on Craigslist offered Andy the option to just move on and see what the future holds for his relationship with Brad.

Freshman Brenda Lara-Romo recounted the story of the lengths a mother will go to protect her son. In ‘The Good Mother’, Romo versed the life of a mother whose son was molested by a babysitter. Finding no other way of retribution, the mother took matters in her own hands. The mother murdered the molester and his wife, which in turn meant the mother lost her freedom. The remainder of her days were carried out in a mental asylum, where she was left to miss her beloved son and fear for the hope of her freedom.

Maria Mendez talked about her first year of competition.

“I’m going to be doing a serious prose for the competition called ‘Ribbons’,” Mendez said. “It’s about a daughter whose mother has breast cancer. I really like the speech team and have been working on ‘Ribbons’ since about January or so. At first I thought it was really fun to be around my friends all the time, but now I also really like the competitive feel of speech season.”

The team has had plenty of practice performing their pieces in front of judges. The showcase was meant to not only show their parents and the community the fruits of their labor, but to also gain more expert advice from their teachers.  The District B-4 meet starts at 9 a.m. Monday, March 12 at Lakeview High School. The NSAA Class B Speech Championships are set for Thursday, March 22 at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


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