Schuyler Elementary School students prepared for Thanksgiving by creating handmade turkeys and other festive decorations that line the hallways.

The Schuyler Sun stopped by the local school to ask students a few questions about the holiday.

What is your favorite thing to eat during Thanksgiving?

Collins Hild, kindergarten: “I love turkey and mashed potatoes.”

Jhony Vicente, third grade: “Mashed potatoes and gravy is so good.”

Abi Luero, third grade: “The best part is dessert and my favorite is pumpkin pie.”

Jason Barrios, fourth grade: “I love ice cream and cake.”

Daniela Monzon, fourth grade: “My mom makes this traditional food from Guatemala. I’m not sure what the name is but it’s in a bowl and there are vegetables in it.”

Omar Gonzalez, fifth grade: “Salad is my favorite thing to eat. But for Thanksgiving, I put turkey on my salad.”

What things have you done in school to prepare for Thanksgiving?

Kenneth Cirila, kindergarten: “We made a lot of paper turkeys.”

Yareli Romero, third grade: “We’re making lots of art for it. We made this circle that looks like a turkey and it had feathers.”

How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

Kenneth Cirila: “I like to play after we eat at my grandma’s house.”

Jhony Vicente: “We watch sports as a family.”

Abi Luero: “We play board games.”

Yareli Romero: “We eat pie and I go hunt turkeys with my cousin. Then we celebrate getting those turkeys.”

Jason Barrios: “We have my family over to eat, then we celebrate being together.”

What are you most thankful for?

Kenneth Cirila: “My friends, like Collins.”

Jason Barrios: “My family and all that we have.”

Daniela Monzon: “I’m thankful for having a roof over my head and a chance to go to school.”


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