Yes, it is that time of the year again. The old, white-bearded man in the red suit will soon be delivering his goodies to all the good little boys and girls. “And I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all … Ho! Ho! Ho!”

And what would you like for Christmas Mr. and Mrs. SCHS fan? I want a big dose of H.O. — hope and optimism.

It is amazing how the success of one group in a school setting can jump-start so many other groups, teams and organizations and lead them to unexpectedly great results. Once that happens, winning becomes an expectation. Winning is not the only thing, but it sure does beat losing.

After a rough fall season at good old SCHS, there is not only hope on the horizon, there is outright optimism. The students are believing they can win. They are believing they can do grand and marvelous things.

Winning is an attitude. One you learn how to lose ... and lose ... and lose again ... it is hard to win. The effort is there, the desire is there, but something always seems to stand in the way of getting over the hump.

The SCHS one-act Class B state champions provided that necessary jump-start to the entire school. All of a sudden that amazing accomplishment in Norfolk on Friday has brought a feeling of success and general positive attitude through the halls of Schuyler Central High School.

It seems like that hand of fate is ready to turn a new page in the history of SCHS, a page filled with victories, trophies and amazing successes. Now is the time to make sure the page gets turned and new stories get written into the annals of SCHS history.

The boys basketball team is currently 1-2, but could easily be 2-1. The Warriors have a chance to win two basketball games this weekend and head into Christmas break with a winning record. It seems like eons ago when that actually happened.

The wrestling team is putting together a solid start to its season and has several wrestlers capable of making that incredible trip to the CenturyLink Center in Omaha in February for the state wrestling tournament.

The girls basketball team is still looking for its first win of the season, but the Lady Warriors have the talent to win several games left on their schedule.

The key ingredients? Hope and optimism. Several of the athletes from all three of these teams participated in that state-winning one-act production. They now know how it feels to be a champion. There are few other feelings in the world that stack up with that. You begin to crave being the best. You begin striving more and working harder to notch another victory rather than settling for another defeat.

The winning attitude doesn’t just translate into more successes for the athletic teams. It begins to permeate throughout the school building and entire community of Schuyler. Can you feel it?

Congratulations to Mrs. Hoesing and the Class B state champion SCHS one-act troupe!


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