I just had a conversation with Mike about some of the books that we expect to be popular and find that they are not so popular here, and vice versa. We were also talking about the books we have enjoyed and how the TV shows or movies based on some of those books were really appealing and others weren’t as engaging. We both agree that we especially enjoy books with characters we can relate to.

One book I really enjoyed recently was “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander. We have it in our young adult section and School Library Journal recommends it for grades six to 10. It’s a Newberry Medal winner and Coretta Scott King Honor Award book.

Twin brothers Josh and Jordan are basketball stars who work great together on the court until they fall for the same girl. Sibling rivalry takes over. There is more, so much more to this story. It’s a story about family and love and loss. It’s poetry.

I don’t think that many of our middle schoolers have checked it out because, how many of them are going to pick up poetry? If they give it a try, however, and read it as if it were rap, the appeal would be palpable. I understand there about 65 middle schoolers out for basketball. One of them ought to check out this book and I think it would quickly make the rounds.

I talked to someone last night who had seen the “Hunger Games” movies, enjoyed them, and was now excited about reading the books. I’ve read the books and haven’t seen the movies yet because, in my mind, and even with great reviews, I can’t see how the movies can be as good as the books.

I’ve heard that the television show titled “Haven,” based on the “Colorado Kid” book by Stephen King, was not at all like the book and rather disappointing.

Mike and I both like the Jesse Stone TV character based on the individual from the Robert B. Parker books.

I really enjoy the Jack Reacher novels written by Lee Child. The violence can be graphic at times so they might be less than appealing to some readers for that reason. However, I relate to Reacher’s character solely from the perspective that he is from South Dakota and I am also a native of that state. I haven’t seen the movie based on one of those novels yet. There was a lot of discord when it came out over the casting of Tom Cruise to play the part of big, beefy Reacher.

It is hard to tell what will be appealing to what audience and we can’t tell which books will be great movie material, but I do know that our short discussion on these topics have given me fodder for upcoming articles.

Note: Don’t forget to come with your children to the library for the Humanities program “Abuelita (Grandmother) Stories I Heard as a Girl” on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 10 a.m.


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