As I sit in the children’s library Thursday evening I can’t help but think: “This place is busy!”

And that is a very good thing, we want our library to be the place for Schuyler’s young people to gather and feel welcomed. But with school in session and school-related activities in full swing sometimes we just don’t see as many school children as we would like. It’s impossible to be two places at once.

It is this situation that brings me to the question for the week: When is the best time to schedule activities in the children’s library? And which activities are the most attractive to the children in our community and which will be well-received if they are offered?

At present, your library offers a variety of regularly scheduled youth activities including Story Hour on the first Saturday of each month; Craft Day on Thursdays; Movie Night the third Thursday of each month; and Game Day every Friday. Of course, whenever children/students come into the library they are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of our Wi-Fi, computers, board games, construction sets, art supplies, play animals, puzzles, dinosaurs and, of course, books.

As busy as we are we want to be busier. We want more children/students to participate in our scheduled events. We want your help to make that happen.

Stop in and see me in the children’s library. Share your ideas and suggestions about what works best for your schedule, and what changes to our programs might be beneficial. I will appreciate your input. After all, this is your library.


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