This past week it was announced that the Nebraska Cornhuskers football schedule was ranked nationally as being the No. 1 MOST difficult slate in the nation. Welcome to NU football, Coach Scott Frost.

The Big 10 must have been all out of cruel jokes when they came out with the schedule for 2018. Crossover games against Michigan, Michigan, and Ohio State. Gone are Penn State, Maryland, and Rutgers.

Gulp. Toss in west division road game trips to Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Iowa. Just to keep the Huskers from getting too overconfident the non-conference slate includes Akron, Colorado, and Troy. Playing the Kangaroos is the only game on the schedule that doesn’t have “warning” signs plastered all over it. Again, welcome Coach Frost.

Looking back on the 2017 season (like looking at a car wreck in the rear window - sigh - Mike Riley entered the campaign stating that his Huskers had a schedule that was set in their favor. Actually, considering what lies ahead in 2018, it was a walk through the park while picking wildflowers.

Then came the nail-biter against mighty Arkansas State to begin the season, a disaster at Oregon, a loss to mighty Northern Illinois in Lincoln, and on, and on, and on. In retrospect perhaps NU was fortunate to finish with a 4-8 record as things played out.

The Past! What if had things not changed in Lincoln? What if Bill Moos had decided to give coach Riley one more year at the helm? This Year! This schedule!

The half-empty stands of Memorial Stadium last year would have been near empty and silent. The chirping of the crickets would have been louder than the fans cheering on the Huskers. It is sad to think about that team with this year’s schedule after last year’s debacle …. well … 3-9 or 2-10 could have been on the horizon.

Welcome to Lincoln, coach Frost! We are so glad that you are here; more than you could ever know.

If anyone is predicting a west division title or a trip to the final four you really need to grab the reins and slow things down from a gallop to a slow lope. The Huskers will be improved, vastly improved, but this transformation will take a season or two.

When coach Frost began at Central Florida he took over a team that had finished 0-12 the previous season. That compares to the derailment suffered in Lincoln a year ago. In year one his first team finished 6-6. Last year, in year two, we all saw what happened. Frost’s team not only went 13-0 and upset a powerful Auburn team in their bowl game to cap a perfect season, they were the ONLY team in the FBS not to lose a regular season game.

Would 6-6 appease the Husker faithful this fall? It certainly should. With that schedule staring them in the face it would be a huge step in the right direction. The key will be for Nebraska to jump out of the gate and sprint to a 3-0 start. Colorado will not be an easy win and the same can be said for Troy. But with a full-house of roaring fans cheering on the Huskers in Lincoln for those first three games a 3-0 beginning is totally in the realm of probability.

A 5-4 record in Big 10 would be a stretch but by mid-season some amazing things could be taking place in Lincoln. A 6-6 or 7-5 season is possible, even against that rugged schedule. Then look out for 2019.

The biggest difference we will see from a coach Frost team is that the 2018 team will not give up and get blown out at home. They will scratch and claw until the final gun has sounded. That, in itself, will be worth more than the price of a hard-to-find ticket to a game in Memorial Stadium.

Welcome to Lincoln, coach Frost! We are so glad that you are here; more than you could ever know.